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A51/SOB Blood Drive February 19 PLEASE HELP

HELP!  The COVID-19 pandemic has severely diminished the Red Cross’s blood supply and they have called upon the men of F3 Nation to step up like we always do.  Our blood drive in October was a great success and we need to out do ourselves in 2021!

Our friends at the Brace Family YMCA(3127 Weddington Road Matthews NC) have offered to host the Red Cross and our pax for a donation day from 8AM to Noon on Friday February 19 2021.  I know it’s not the cool thing to HC to things several weeks in advance but make an exception this time, block off your calendar on the morning of 2/19 and SIGN UP NOW!  Most of the companies we work for offer you volunteer time off and this falls under that category!

Q and A

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Go to

Next enter the code F3 in the Find Blood Drive Search

From there you will be shown a list of ALL F3 blood drives that are currently scheduled.  You will choose the Brace Family YMCA on February 19th option.  Then you will see all of the remaining appointment options from 8 AM to Noon.

Q:  My wife/brother/son/neighbor/coworker is interested in donating at this drive.  Are they welcome to join?

A:  Absolutely.  The more the merrier.  Provide them the same signup information I provided above and have them sign up the same way.

Q:  I’ve been on some weird vacations recently.  Will that prevent my eligibility to donate?

A:  Maybe.  But read the eligibility requirements

and see if you are still a candidate for donation.  If you read through the eligibility requirements and determine you will NOT be able to donate, please refrain from signing up because you might be taking a spot away from another donor.

Q:  I’ve already signed up.  How can I help spread the word?

A:  Remind other pax to sign up in the COT of all the workouts you attend between now and Feb 19.  Publically shame pax who are dragging their heels and not signing up.  And spam the slack channels with this link.

Q:  I am not able to donate but I still want to help.  How can I?

A:  Mighty Mite needs help moving chairs/tables/equipment and with general logistics/signups.  If you’d like to volunteer for the whole day or just an hour or two, let him know!

Q:  F3 has a lot of blood to donate in order to reach their lofty goals.  Is this one blood drive going to be enough?

A:  No.  We had one in October and will continue to do it every few months.  All regions participating in this effort are expected to host 3-4 drives between now and the end of 2021.  Plan on donating and helping out at the next one!  If you can’t make this one, find another F3 blood drive that fits your schedule.  If none of them work for you, donate somewhere!

Q:  Mighty Mite was really annoying on slack and in person during the recruitment for the last blood drive.  How can I get him to shut up and leave me alone?

A:  Sign up and get your fellow pax to sign up.  Mighty will be quiet when all the open slots are full.

Q:  I am confused about _______

A: Reach out to Mighty Mite

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