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Exploring uncharted territory (DO NOT ENTER)

Why not come back from injury to Q. Took away some sleep the previous night, but being on Q made me commit.

DICCS given.

Mosse to Animal hospital parking lot for some warmups (SSH, Imperial walkers and Moroccan nigh club).

The thang: Mose to start of N.Providence St. Run around the uncharted territory.

10 Jump squats / 10 bobby hurries and 10 squats at each of the triangular loop. Repeat 3 times. Fuse tried to push me to run faster, but today was not the day.   Back to COT for some exercise for the core (Big Bois and Merkins). Had couple of mins left, so decided to run a short loop with dips in between. End with some stretching.


I missed F3 so much and was glad to be back. Learnt importance of stretching after the workouts, let’s not forget to stretch.  It is good to Q, it helps to commit and push harder. 

Glad to have (FNG) Josh Tutwiler (Blood clot) join us today.

Always glad to be out with fellow PAX who support and push each other. 


  1. Blood drive on the 30th this month. Share it on Facebook

Five Stones Church

1117 Cuthbertson Rd

Saturday, January 30 09:00 AM – 01:30 PM 

  1. Help need at Christ closet today at 5:30 pm to load a truck with with things to take to Wilmington.
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