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Fun Night! at Clyent Dinner

If you have seen the picture that Gerber posted last night look again at the kids….they made it FUN!!!!! Also, I think Gerber summed it up well when he noted below the picture “the pandemic has made pax hungry for fellowship, hungry for exercise, hungry for family time, hungry for positivity. Nowhere, is that more evident than by the explosive growth of these evening 2.0 friendly workouts”. Well said Gerber!

He is right! As the pax (and 2.0’s) made their entance last night a different vibe was in the air. It was a fun vibe. An exuberant vibe. A happy vibe. A positive vibe. The adult pax were in turn all smiling and we were all taking in the youthful enthusiam, energy, and exhuberance of the kids!



DICCS given- we have cell phone, CPR trained, reminder for non- related pax to keep socially distanced -its go time!

Mosey down the trail– to keep the energetic pax together I interrupted the usual mosey with 10 SSH at every 3rd light—this kept our big group together (still socially distanced) until we reached Rudy’s shed and circled up for some more exercises and light stretching – SSH. IW, Moroccan NC, LSS etc..more of the usual suspects.


Kids vs Adults—- Guess who won??????

I wanted to make it fun! What do kids like to do for fun?   Compete and Win!!!!

We moseyed to the two roundabouts and it was kids vs adults- like we normally do circle the two roundabouts doing 5 merkins at each one—fastest back to the start wins. (kids only have to reach the roundabouts-not circle them—distance shorter) Ready go!!!!!….They were pumped to beat the Adults! Baby Gazelles are off. Adults are smiling then gettting gassed as this is hard. Kids win round one. Adults are punished with MERKINS.I wanted to get a good w/o for the adults while stimulating the kids. No rest for the Adults —Round 2 begins. Time for revenge??? No–Kids win again. More MERKINS for the adults. The THANG was to have the adults run as hard as they could and still lose-made possible by the much shorter distance for the kids without being too obvious to them —then Merkins for the Adults. Kids were happy.

Time to mosey and bunny hop our way to the Stadium parking lot…..It is now time for the Adults to pair up with the kids and LEAD them in 4 corners –they needed guidance on where to go and what exercise to do—-it was so great seeing all the adults (parent or not) LEAD the kids—Then lineup on the parking lot lines for bear crawls, frog jumps, backward run etc…. Now race to the lightpole—Who won? Did more kids win or did more adults win? KIDS win again….more MERKINS for the adults—Kids do five adults do 15 rinse and repeat…..Kids win again.

Mosey back to the roundabouts for exercises down to Rudy’s shed to finish the evening—Adults time to call out different exercises—-then its time to (5 Minutes)-to race back up to COT—finshed!!!



FUN:…lots of energy.

IMPRESSED and HUMBLED: I witnessed Pax in a different environment. I saw some really terrific Dads! You are good men! Great Leaders to your kids! Very inspiring!

Special shout out to Posse, Rudy and Driveby—They were 3 Pax without their own kids tonight—they were HIMS tonight—each of them helped lead the kids and assist and got a great workout in…Selfless. Great job men,

High Hat, Zinfandel, Gerber, Cobbler, C3PO, Carbload, Rubbermaid—it was easy to see what your priorities are in life! All your kids look up to you and I could see the love and respect.



  1. Reminder: CSAUP-Feb 6th–Starts and Ends in Downtown Waxhaw- F2 to follow
  2. Blood Drive: Saturday January 30th Five Stones Church-Zinfandel announced that the information and link is now posted on Social Media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—share with friends and family.
  • Cobbler was the 6th man-found F3 on website-got his name because he likes to build”stuff”
  • Thanks to Carbload for sharing a conversation with us he had with his daughter about us being “brothers” or as she said “cousins”…..the meaning we are all family-lets continue looking out for each other.
  • Special shoutout to Zinfandel who ran “rucked” with his daughter—(that was awesome) she did great!
  • YHC took us out


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