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Mobile Backblast

Only three of us this morning, which was nice, we stayed together and grinded out a good workout.
Long opening mosey, stretch and headed to CF for the Merkin Mile, rotating hand release merkins and burpees.  Found our way over to Chisholm Ct for hill work, big boys and monkey humpers, 3 rounds was enough of that.  Back to CHS campus for more running, squats and dips, 3 rounds and it was time to go, 4 minutes until COT, yikes.

Great running with Ice9 and Sugar Daddy, 2 good dudes.  We were all pushing hard. Got in about 6 miles plus exercises.

Missed all the rest of you.  I’m having knee surgery on 1/27 and will be out a few weeks but I will be back quickly.  I’m in a good place because I have all of you.  Someone of you have been thru much tougher injuries and come back, and you inspire me.  I have the mashers to look forward to.  And of course F2 & F3.

I’m traveling today and posting via phone, so keeping this short, but wanted the guys to get credit for their hard work this am!


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