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Sorry Premature, I take my time.

Frozen Fog?:

Belated BB here boys, sorry Premature. A dozen pax joined me on a morning that my phone said “frozen fog” in the weather app. Not sure I’ve seen that one before, but couldn’t fartsack a Q. Remembered I was on Q while taking my son to hoops the night before, so I talked and he wrote as we knocked out the workout.


Mosey, then 25X each IC: SSH, IW, 3 burpees then mosey to new spot. 25X each hand release merkins, mountain climbers, calf stretch.


Partner up and grab a rock. One partner runs with a burpee at far corner of track, other partner starts 150 each team exercises. Curls, Tri extensions, presses. Mary til the 6 comes in.

Repeato with new exercises 100 each team: hanging rows, rock squats, bench press

Mosey to covered area picnic tables: 20X each, Dips, step ups, Derkins

Wall squat with 25 each, air presses, jabs

Repeat dips, step ups, Derkins.

Mosey to COT to finish with some ab work.


Great work from the crew today. Not a talkative bunch. Got good work in and everyone was encouraging the rest of the pax throughout the workout. Glad I was able to Q this one and glad that Smuggler stepped up to Q the Last Call launch on Friday or we may have been running this one back..

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