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Water by the Gallons

Cobbler tweeted me (is it “tweeted me”? That sounds….. weird) a couple days ago checking to make sure I was still set to Q this morning. Uh, what?! I was on the schedule to Q?! Well, had to come up with something quick. Thankfully, I found inspiration in the rain outside: have everyone carry water!
Initially, that seemed like a major challenge but then I thought carrying all that water would be a lot easier if it was in some type of container. So I bought a bunch of gallon jugs and was all set!


Invited all PAX to take a gallon jug, explained they had to take the jug wherever they went,  then started off on a short mosey  Back to starting parking lot for some quick SSH, IW, Windmills, Cherry Pickers, and Merkins.


Kicked everything off with a 20 minute TABATA: five exercises, four sets of each, 45 second work, with 15 second rest. At least we had some sweet tunes playing to distract us from the suck. The exercises were:

  • Burpees
  • Jumping Squats
  • Merkins
  • Side sprints
  • Dry Docks

Atlas astutely observed out loud from his mouth that although we each had a jug of water we hadn’t really done much with them yet. Too true

So we picked up our jugs and moseyed to the parking lot on the opposite side of the baseball fields. Stopped briefly for a quick 25 heels to heaven holding our jugs to our chests.  Back on our feet to the parking lot by the tennis courts where I had already identified six separate exercise stations. The exercises at the stations were: lunges, Mike Tyson, squats, shoulders taps, Peter Parker, and thrusters – added a seventh station for flutter kicks while the eighth PAX ran a lap holding on to their jug. Upon return of eighth PAX everyone rotated one station clockwise.  If your hands weren’t on the floor you were holding your jugs.

After a full round of that it was time to mosey back to starting spot with our jugs, stopping only a couple times for gas pumpers, flutter kicks, and an easy 50 count of curls, presses, and triceps extensions with the jug.

Once back at the starting parking lot we got into a Circle o’ Planks: where all PAX drop into a plank in a circle and everyone gets to pick an plank type exercise in a round robin.  Finished last 5 minutes or so in Mary then COT


Blood drives coming up in Waxhaw and SOB.

Waxhaw CSAUP on Feb 6. Running, exercises, many hours, followed by F2 and beer.




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