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Back to the Ignition Basics

4 Ignition regulars joined me in a brief running tour of what Lawson has to offer.   Disclaimer.

Warm Up:

Run to end of Prickly Lane in New Lawson. On Lightwood Rd., 5 Merkins and squats every light pole until the street ends.   30 10 sec oyo stretch


7s or Sevens–cul de sac on hilly Shearwater Lane to cul de sac of Lightwood Rd.-Burpees and Burpees

Back down Lightwood Rd-5 Merkins and Squats at every light pole until we reach Cuthbertson Rd.

Cross into Old Lawson onto Brough Hall, down Riverbank Rd.-10 jump squats every street on right, 10 dry docks every street on left until we reach the cool house with the red lights.

At the house-10 Mike Tysons, around each of the three loops that connect Riverbank and Trading Ford-at every intersection 10 Merkins, at red light house 10 Tysons

Run from there to Toteros Dr.-down the street, every street light 10 jump squats.  At the end of the street, segment hunting sprint back to Riverbank.

From there, run back to home base.

In parking lot, 10 Merkins, 20 wall hip slappers, 30 donkey kicks-run lap around lot. Then 10 merkins, 20 hip slappers -run lap

Done!  6+ miles for the crew


Realized that with 4 guys that regularly run 6+ miles at a mucho fast pace that we would be stretching out our legs a bit and offered up a nice old fashioned Ignition workout.  Always good and motivating to have competitive PAX that push you, whether you are in front or behind.  When Ignition was started, it was meant to be a workout that was uncomfortable and make you go past the limits of what you thought you were capable of.   In the 2+ years of this workout, there has definitely been a growth not only in the number of PAX, but the willingness of those who never thought they would attend to come and push themselves out of their comfort zone.     And I’m pretty sure I was out of my comfort zone for at least 45 min today.  Btw if you ever Q ignition, don’t tell the PAX that they can run at 8 min pace for a stretch to lower their heart rate.  It was like telling your 5 year old to not make a mess.   They ran even way faster to make a point.

Decided to ditch the standard circle warmup today with a mile run with a quarter mile of merkins/squats combo.  I’m sold.  Do 15 SSH’s and IW’s really warm you up in 32 degree weather?    The answer is no.

Hurry is a beast.  Regularly out front all morning and the only way I was able to slow him down was to give him terrible directions as to where we were going so he would need to stop and run in a circle until I clarified.  And make everything just short enough so  he didn’t lap me and crush my ego.

Tool Time is also separating from the pack. I’ve noticed that I used to be right on his heels during workouts, now most of us can only stick with him for a while  5 minutes until he’s gone.

Gerber -Let him extend the legs today a bit with his 130 cadence.  Once he gets going you really can’t catch up to him.  But he loves the burpees and merkins too, so I gotta keep giving him what he likes.

Easy Button -Battling all day with me for rights to be the 6.  Couldn’t really get a conversation going cause we were both struggling to breathe. But judging off Strava, if the Rooster happened tomorrow, he’s definitely moved up a couple of spots and at the front of the 1 and done A Team


See Flash BackBlast. Blood Drive, CSAUP, Being accountable, trusting in Him, Goodfella’s school registration & Rice and Beans were all on the list.

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