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Short little mosey around the neglected 9.

The usual Bushwood crew has been Spotty over the last few weeks.. Whether from the holidays, vacations or Covid, its been a while since we have all been together. Today was no different. As One Star has passed the CO-Site Q flag on to YHC and taken the reigns on the new Last Call workout (Friday at Marvin High 6am start- Free Marketing) transition was slightly delayed with Both Fiji and Myself being out of Town for extended periods. Last night, we realized that here was no one on Q, thanks to Bottle Cap for TBD reminder! So we scrambled, drew straws, and went with it. I looked through some old Wienkes for a quick fix..  Well quick fix turned into something a little different where a text went out to the Pax to stretch early for a rather lengthy mosey… Not sure if the bitter cold or the text thwarted some Pax and directed them to some other Tuesday workout, but there is something to be said with a more intimate crew.


we started a quick stretch for those who were there early and watched Big Ben One Star come in Hot on two wheels. Found some nice mosey music on Sirius Spectrum Channel 28 and got the speaker going to set the pace for the aforementioned lllooonnnggg Mosey/Warmup (forgot to set the odometer sadly) of roughly 2 miles total… We went the a little different direction through the school path to Joe Kerr. This includes the neglected swamplands of Bushwood that reminds YHC of younger years and playing Cow Pasture golf.  During mosey, YHC called out 3-5 Burpees a handful of times to keep pax together. Hooked a Left onto Autumn Blossom into MC and the traffic Circle at Running Horse to do the actual warmup.

  • 18 SSH IC
  • 18 Imperial Squawkers IC- Had a little trouble counting these and kept laughing and getting laughed at.
  • 18 Merkins
  • 18 Peter Parkers
  • Calf Stretch

Finished up the last 1/2 mile of our mosey back to the school.

Thang: the music on Spectrum was getting less and less workout friendly, so we had to amp it up and switch to Lithium 34 just in time for Rage Against the Machine to get us going.

Hit the wall for

  • 15 Tysons
  • 30 Jabs IC
  • 20 Dry docks
  • 30 Press IC
  • Repeat

Head to the rock pile grab a lifting rock and head to the parking lot. We did two exercises then ran a full lot loop together.

  • 20 Squat thrusters
  • Curls -21’s
  • 1st Lap
  • 20 Lat Lift Merkins- these are tougher than I thought and got some grunting. Right Hacksaw, Merkin, left Hacksaw equals 1. Working Lats, shoulder and chest.
  • 50 LBC
  • 2nd Lap
  • 20 Shoulder raises
  • 20 Rows
  • Last Lap
  • 20 Tri ext
  • Rifle carry rock back to pile.

Head back to COT for some V-ups and Chippy crosses to finish out.


Was mentioned that we will get a lot in with mileage. We ended covering a full 5k while pretty much working every muscle group. The longer mosey gave the Pax time to chat some which is always great. As mentioned earlier, we were finally able to Pass the Bushwood flag on, where YHC was told it may need to be “reworked” a little. As always, its great to get out and lead folks on this journey. Speaking of, we are looking for Q’s at Bushwood if you are interested. this is an interesting location for some folks that have not attended, we get both Waxhaw and some SOB pax crossing over to switch things up. So there are opportunities to meet some new faces.


  1. Blood Drives for Both Waxhaw and SOB coming up–See Groupme or Slack
  2. YHC had a few Prayer Requests; Rory 17/18 boy who was in a serious car Accident over thanksgving and slowly progressing from a head injury. River a 7yr old boy that was diagnosed with a Cancer I can’t even pronounce in the nasal/brain area and undergoing weekly chemo. Then My brother Kevin (Cancer), who is having the second of his surgeries today to finish out the one over the holiday. Watch over all those that are sick and battling ailments.
  3.  Finally watch over the country as we go forward in the next few weeks/months no matter what our affiliation or beliefs may be. Let us be the Men to help lead and make positive difference.




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