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I Got Woods

So Chicken and I had this great idea to avoid all the traffic coming out of Nesbit that we would launch from my back yard. Little did Chicken know but I have a pool back there and he jumped in thinking I had the heater on. Never knew Chickens could move that fast. He leaped out of the water and said let’s go! So we went. Him sopping wet and me just surprise he’s alive and didn’t get hypothermia.


We ran into a few more PAX as we traversed the somewhat dryer than last week thread trail. First it was Paper Jam who got behind so he could “become one with nature”, then came Rubbermaid who was trying to avoid us but we tackled him and made him stop. While lassoing him to the tree stump for who knows what Chicken was going to do to him, Hollywood showed up and said “make sure to tie his ankles too! You don’t want him getting away”. So we took a photo that could use a lot of editing and more likely should not be shared on social so as not to scare anyone just so we had proof of our stupidity. (Like we need anymore proof?!)  So long story, short. 5 dudes ran in the woods. We ran a long way and it was scary at some places because it gets dark under all those trees.



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