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First and firsts at Bizarro Diesel

YHC Qing a gear workout, Brutus doing a pre-run, and then Gerber and Speed Bump arrive for the gear workout — January 22 was Bizarro Day at Diesel.  And 12 PAX were there to witness.


Mose–wait, can’t do that at Diesel.

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Arm Circles

Windmill x 10 IC

Michael Phelps arm swings x 10 IC



Rifle Carry the cinderblock to the other end of the parking lot, stopping at each island for 1 set of 3 traveling merkins (right hand on block, both hands on block, left hand on block)

Return hugging the block close to chest, stopping for 5x squats at each island

Circle up for the rest of the fun

  • Arm circles in front of body while holding bricks
  • Superman x 40 seconds
  • Hillbillies
  • Angry Al Gore with bricks


  • Hanging Tough Challenge — Hold the Cinderblock overhead throughout the song “Hanging Tough” by NKOTB
    • If you drop out, do burpees until the next guy drops out, then call an exercise until he is relieved


  • Cinderblock — sets of 20 swings + 20 of another exercise
    • Swings + chest press
    • Swings + Overhead press
    • Swings + Little Baby Dips
    • Swings + Carolina Dry Docks
    • Swings + Curls
    • Swings + Squats with blocks
    • Swings + Bent Over Rows
    • Swings + Diamond Docks


  • Squeeze the block to hold it, with squats
  • Killers’ “All These Things that I have Done” — Plank and 2 merkins whenever song says “Soldier”
  • Hollow body hold
  • Glute Bridge



Reaching out for last-minute Qs on the GroupMe Site Q channel is a dangerous move and YHC should know that by now.  Yet he did it again in December for The Body Shop and was quite excited that Chastain eagerly jumped at the opportunity — then came the reciprocal invitation to Q Diesel.  A gear workout?  After trying to pass it off to a Site Q who has basically ghosted The Body Shop for 7 months (not calling out Boitano’s name at all), YHC remembered that uncomfortable is a good thing.

As this was YHC’s first gear Q, the music was chosen from a list of personal musical firsts, with the goal of generating some entertainment and some mumblechatter.  In another first, YHC decided to push the workout in spite of growing discontent around the swings.  The weinke called for just 5 sets of 20 + 20 and the grumbling began at just set #3, but the Q was not deterred and was, in fact, inspired.  We grow when we’re uncomfortable, right?  Instead of 5 sets, we went for 8 sets before the revolt began.  But the PAX got in 160 swings and it probably only felt like 100 for the body — and 400 for the mind?  From some of the discord, it sounded like the Q called 100 burpees.

HUGE props to Turnbuckle in the Hanging Tough Challenge — he outlasted the group and looked like he had another 5 minutes in him.  Not sure if the bigger accomplishment is holding the block that long and with such ease or making it through the song.  Popeye also gets the Beast Mode award for his swings and enjoyment? of them.  Centerfold was rocking the Presidential trivia.  Chastain showed no signs of fatigue from the 2-mile pre-run, though Brutus switched from block to bricks kind of early on some exercises.  Great to see Rockwell and also the MASH crew with Penalty Box and Bunyan, who YHC hasn’t crossed paths with as much recently.  And kudos to Speed Bump for dragging out Gerber and Easy Button, not letting them lose to the fartsack with the excuse of tight calves, hammies, unwashed glitter headbands or whatever the challenges may be.

Go ahead and get uncomfortable and Q a site or workout type you’re not used to — heck, even post at a workout you’re not used too because you might surprise yourself and like it.  I hear Dasher is looking to Q Diesel soon?

Awesome music included Mana, Michael Jackson, Alabama, Soul Asylum, New Kids on the Block, Spin Doctors, Beach Boys, Skid Row, Poison, Def Leppard, The Killers and Les Mis.


Blood Drive — Saturday, January 30th at Five Stones Church.  Sign up, save some lives.

COVID continues to creep in on us and brothers around us.  Keep them in thoughts and prayers.

More opportunities to serve with Rice N Beans — if you haven’t done it yet, try it out and your week will be better for it.  Check out the Service channel on GroupMe.

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