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F3 Waxhaw Board Meeting 1/23/21

8 men gathered at Five Stones to get a workout in and then meet around a raging smoky fire.  The goal was to drink coffee, eat donuts, and not freeze discuss F3 Waxhaw’s successes and how we can add more fuel to the fire to ensure we are reaching more Sad Clowns and to encourage the PAX to accelerate our Male Community Leadership.  2 main reasons for the backblast:

  1. Get Zin and Gerber to stop harassing me so they can get credit for their workout today
  2. Share with the PAX what the Board discussed and the actions/takeaways from the meeting


  • Kettlebell exercises, Some burpees, and a little bit of running


  • WHO:
    • 1st F Qs (Fitness):  Dasher and Chastain
    • 2nd F Qs (Fellowship):  Gerber and Zinfandel
    • 3rd F Qs (Faith):  Shop Dawg and Centerfold
    • Weasel Shaker:  Mad Dog
    • Nant’an:  Bottlecap
    • 2020 RECAP:  What stood out for F3 Waxhaw?
      • Resiliency:  While COVID initially impacted our routines and threatened to splinter our group, it actually proved to do the exact opposite in the long run.  We are bigger and better because we had to adjust on the fly (ex. Neighborhood workouts, Parking Lot Happy Hours, MASH)
      • Growth:  F3 Waxhaw experienced tremendous growth in a number of different ways:  # of PAX, # of Leaders, # of Site Qs, increased 3rd F participation, Partnerships with local ministries.
      • 100 PAX Challenge:  During a period of economic impact to many, our PAX showed their generosity by donating over $10,000 for 3 partner charities to make an impact in our community.
    • 2021 GOALS:  What should F3 Waxhaw focus on?
      • 2nd F and 3rd F structure:    
        • Set up these events similar to 1st F with separate Site Qs
        • Encouraging Backblasts to bring awareness to PAX about what happened and who participated.
      • Diversity:  Of PAX and of our Workouts.
        • Encourage more participation and leadership from  PAX of all different backgrounds/experiences (race, nationalities, accents, ages, sizes, hairstyles, etc.)
        • Continue to support PAX who want to try a new workout idea (ie Rucking, Different Start time, Gear, New location, etc.). #FreedToLead
        • Evaluate option to expand 6th Man stories by adding video to be able to share via Social Media
      • Outreach to former PAX:
        • Identify the PAX who have fallen away
        • Be intentional about reaching out to PAX
        • Encourage a leader of this endeavor to keep us focused and generate new ideas to reach these men (events, lunches, etc.)
    • 1st F UPDATE:
      • Site Qs:
        • Review current Site Qs who could/should roll off; let’s keep it fresh and rotate off or onto a different site
        • Identify potential Site Qs who should be asked to step into new role
      • AO analysis (Area of Operation):
        • Map created that lays out all workouts
          • Where are we missing an AO?
        • Diversity of workout types (ie Bootcamp, Running, Gear, Rucking, Trail Running, MASH)
          • What type should be added?
        • What day and times are we missing?
      • Laying out the 2021 calendar
        • CSAUPs and Convergences
        • Q and Site Q Schools
    • 2nd F UPDATE:
      • COVID has impacted a lot of these events
        • Happy Hours will come back to parking lots when weather warms up
        • Lunches will come back TBD
      • F3 Dads
        • Hoping to resurrect Summer Saturday workouts
        • Current participation of 2.0s is fantastic with Clyent Dinner and The Appetizer
      • Other opportunities:  F3 Dad’s camp, Family picnic, Family baseball game
    • 3RD F UPDATE:
      • Seek out leaders to lead current 3rd F events/partnerships/meetings
      • Set up calendars similar to 1st F so awareness grows for what and when things are happening

I’ll end this backblast the way I started today’s meeting . . . A SINCERE AND BIG THANKS to all the leaders of F3 (and especially these Board members).

  • This Region is special; we are growing FAST!
  • We have 100+ active PAX and the majority are leading in some way
  • We are incredibly active in all 3 F’s
  • There is not much drama
  • We are constantly looking to improve and reach more Sad Clowns
  • We are making a lasting impact in this community
  • Let’s stay focused on our mission:  Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership!  
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