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Ok, Then Throw Up and Get It Over With

NOTE: My phone malfunctioned during COT, get me a message and I can tag you (or 2.0) if missing.

Clyent Dinner is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with all the 2.0 participation and Q’s still finding a way to get a good workout in, hopped all over the invite from Gerber.

The Thang:

5 burpees – go

Mosey off to the the traffic circle by the high school with more burpees and some COP along the way

Onto the main event BLIMPS pyramid with some modifications. Run from the circle to the alcove and back between sets. Gazelles can mix in dips/irkins/derkins at the benches if they want.

B – Burpee broad jumps x 5

L – Lunge x 10

I – Imperial Walkers (Hillbilly Walkers on way back down the pyramid) x 15

M – Merkins x 20

P – Plank Jacks x 25 (SSH for the damaged Q)

S – Squats x 30

About halfway up the pyramid my 2.0 Bean said she wanted to throw up, so there you go on the BB title, take notes for those of you without 2.0’s on how its done.

Head back towards the shed mixing in some more burpees and wall sit air presses, back to the launch for some quick mary and a mosey to the end of the lot and back.


Everyone got a good workout in, some folks clocked in at over 3 miles, love the 2.0 showing up and keeping them active.


Phone malfunction strikes again, going from memory. Let me know if you want me to update, especially the book collection.

Blood Drive 1/30


One of the 2.0 is collecting books ages 2-92 for a charity

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