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Raining on My Parade

6 Pax braved the elements and showed up for a wet workout that included rolling around in puddles. Today was a big day for me, as I was handed over the Flag to be the Co-site Q of watchtower. I do see it as an honor to be asked to do this. I will do my best to make sure I properly handle this responsibility. I am very appreciative of the guys who did make it out and remind those that decided to stay in of what Maddog posted earlier this morning – “Start making small decisions to take the easy way out and soon it will become a habit.” Thank you for those wise words Maddog.


We moseyed across the front of the school to the overhang at the back door by the bus lot. We were not quiet able to circle up but we gathered and did a warmup of:

-15 side straddle hops

-15 imperial walkers

-Jimmy Dougan’s center left and right.

-Calf stretches

-runner stretches

-Walk out Merkins (from standing position bend over walk hands out to plank do 1 merkin and walk hands back to feet and stand up)


From here we moseyed behind the school to the rock garden behind the basketball court. We did 20 step ups there ran behind the school to the bus lot did 20 merkins there and then ran to the overhand where the benches were and did 20 dips there. We ran back to the rock garden and repeated 3 more times, decreasing count by 5 each time. (20, 15, 10 and then 5)

Then we moseyed to the front of the school  at each light there was a cone set up with an exercise on it. You ran to the 1st cone did the exercise and then ran back to the corner. You kept repeating until we got all the way to the other side. I think 8 different exercises.

Up until this point the rain was pretty light. I planned on going over to the overhang at the front of the school but even that area seemed wet, so I made the decision to just bite the bullet and lay down in the parking lot.

We each took a line in the parking lot and did 11’s with LBC’s and Merkins. In between the 2, we did a sideways alligator walk across the parking space. We started with 10 merkins and 1 LBC made it down to 6 Merkins and 5 LBC.s and decided to take a lap to give our arms a rest. At this point it is pouring on us. As we did the lap we noticed some school staff arriving  so we made our way to the COT and finished up our set of 11’s With 1 minute to kill we did 1 more lap around the parking lot and called it time.

Announcements: Rushed through these since it was now pouring rain. reminded everyone of the Blood drive Saturday and CSUP coming up.

Easy Button handed the flag over to me and we took a quick family photo and got back in our cars.

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