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Best of 2020

So this is probably one of my latest BB that I have ever done.  2 full weeks and now 1 full additional workout Q overdue.  That said on this glorious day (at least prior to storming the capital), 5 pax pulled up and got at it.  The plan was simple, just rip off some of the hardest workouts that we have completed at SACS 2020, make them better 🙂 and claim all the credit.

Prior to even launching, I laid out all of the extra sandbags needed for this workout.  I have several in the 40, 30, 25 and 20 lb range.  I won’t disclose what everyone chose, but when WT grabbed a 40, I grabbed one too.

Head to the track for a warm up lap


The Thang

Thank to Geraldo (who ripped this off from someone else)

Point A and Point B 100 yards away (1 length of the track)

Point A- 15 squats with ruck and sand bag / swap with lunges x10 per side (drop extra weight)

Then fast mosey to point B to do one the following x15 each w/ruck

  1. Sunrise – closer to a thruster just without the squat
  2. Bent over row
  3. Get-ups
  4. Swings
  5. Curl

So YES, that is 20 total trips with fast mosey, tons of heavy weighted squats/ lunges and a bunch of ruck PT


On our way to the next pain station, we stopped at the stairs and performed 2 trips

Triceps extensions on the bottom x10 and overhead presses x10 at the stop of the stairs


Next pain station brought to you by Flipper

Shuttle trashcan run w/ruck

5 burpess at the baseline

2,4,6 at the trashcans spaced 20 yards from one another



Announcements: Blood Drive

Take out: YHC


Ye’ Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you for the solid based of regulars that show up week after week.
    • If you are interested in this site, have questions, please reach out to Geraldo or myself.  We would love some new blood
  • Thank you to the Q’s that show up and provide 60mins of fun.  There are a ton of challenging workouts, but I hated both of these movements
  • Great job adding extra weight.  We did something similar with Hoover a few weeks later, get to add weight to the squats
  • This workout really drives the heartrate!  Thank god I had the support of the other Pax as I would not do this on my own…infact I wanted to stop midway thru
  • Sorry for the delay.  This has been on my mind and I wanted to get this out before I created my next BB for todays workout.
    • If you want others to follow, lead by example


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