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Commit to Q

When Glidah asked me to Q ignition I was excited about it. I Plan and then re-plan, and then erase everything. Had just 1 mile loop in plan all others had been erased. As always I have good number of PAX on my Q.

Mosse to cuthbertson road and see a cop vehicle guarding the entrance. Planned to circle up for some exercise, but PAX warned of the danger of cars coming in. Scrap the circle time and mosse back to school. Do few exercise and let the runners take off and come back for the six. Stop at the high school entrance stop sign. Few more exercise and then run a mile into the neighborhood. Now am exhausted as I had not posted for few weeks before that. This is the 1 mile loop that was not erased from the original plan. Had the Pax run the loop with mike-tysons at the start, Jump squats a the other end and speed skaters at the 3rd end of the loop.
Back to middle school entrance stopping for few exercise in between. Do some Big bois, donkey kicks. Partner up. Partner 1 runs around the middle school parking lot, other partner does dips and airpresses and alternate. Mosse to cafeteria. Step ups and run to shed, come back, incline merkins and run back to the shed. Lots of miles. Back to COT from shed with 5 burpies at lamp posts. End with American hammers.

I had missed F3 for few weeks and it’s been tough. Glad I was able to be back and Q again. PAX did rallied around me as I was struggling and are great encouragement.

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