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What kind of man do you want to be at 62 years old?

13 had to have more/some Cowbell.  There was an invitation out to all PAX, specifically MASHers, to join YHC at the new workout in Wesley Chapel featuring Kettlebells and Sprinting.  We also planned a special birthday party for Blue Screen but thankfully Zinfandel never showed with the Birthday Cake that he was supposed to jump out of.  Congrats Blue Screen on being 62 and still kicking a$$ and accelerating in all 3 Fs!  Something for all the PAX to be inspired by.

  • The goal of cowbell is to keep the heart rates elevated by doing some weighted exercises and then short sprints (50-100 yards)
  • The goal of today’s workout was to get new PAX there to show them that this isn’t necessarily a tougher workout but a different workout . . . And it is good to mix up your routine and grow some new muscle
  • Mission accomplished as we had 7 new Site FNGs!  Well done men!


  • Traditional Exercises without Kettlebell
  • Low slow squat, Overhead Press, Halo, Thrusters, Curls, Figure 8

AND A 1, AND A 2, AND A 1, 2, 3 (cue Blue Oyster Cult’s “The Reaper”):

  • Sets of 2 exercises
  • Then sprint either around parking lot or across parking lot and back
    • MASHers subbed various Mary for sprints
  • KB Swings and Upright Rows
  • Thrusters and Curls
  • Lawn Mower and Halo
  • One-Legged Split Squat circles and Thrusters
  • 1 round of abs with double leg overs and chest press/sit-up/overhead press

THE MASTERPIECE (envision Cowbell-ist Gene (Will Farrell) working his magic throughout the studio)

  • Partner work
    • P1 sprints across parking lot and back
    • P2 does exercises
      • Round 1:  Thrusters
      • Round 2:  Chest press/Sit-up/Overhead press
  • Repeat x3 for each round
  • Finish with Russian KB Twist w/Twist Twist (move KB from 1 side to other and then twist back and forth once with no weight)

FEEDBACK SESSION (envision THE Bruce Dickinson coming in and giving a pep talk):

  • 6th Man:  It was only fitting that Blue Screen was the 6th man today (and it happened naturally)
    • He got his start at Weddington
    • Nickname due to background in IT (Editor’s Note:  I think he LITERALLY wrote the book on the Cloud)
    • Mike did a great job of laying out what F3 has meant to him
  • Here are a few things I have noticed and continue to be impressed with Mike
    • 1st F:  He is 62 years young today.  I saw him sprinting and beating Chastain in a sprint this morning . . . CRAZY!
    • 2nd F:  He has become good friends with many F3 brothers
      • He talked about how becoming an empty nester has changed and challenged some relationships
      • For him, F3 has filled that void with genuine friendships
      • This happens because Mike is very open, raw, and available
    • 3rd F:  This is the area where he has accelerated the most in the past couple of years
      • He started participating in QSource
      • Then tried out Sunday morning Open Door via Zoom
        • Editor’s note:  For first several weeks, he didn’t turn his camera on and was just lurking (ha!)
      • Now he is not only a big part of that Open Door group but also participates at Sanctuary on Monday nights
      • He is very active with Rice n’ Beans . . . In fact, he is going TONIGHT with his family on his birthday!
      • This weekend, he and 2 of his sons are driving to eastern NC to go participate in a 3rd F project being headed up by Mayhem
  • Blue Screen closed us out in prayer as well about tomorrow not being promised
    • Shop Dawg’s family
    • Damascus’ daughter’s friend has passed away
    • Centerfold’s mom in for another round of chemo today
    • Tanyatine’s brother continues to battle cancer
  • Tomorrow is not promised . . . Let alone 62 years . . . What are you going to do to keep improving and accelerating in all aspects of your life?
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