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Just the Tip

So this is Pursuit. Not much to tell other than we ran for an hour.   Not much happened that was funny, per se…

Shout out to ExLax for getting out there and crushing it!  The man has a goal of a 35 minute 5k and is already seconds away.  I give him another month and he’ll be all over it! (Or should I say… under it?)

Shout out to Posse and Fusebox joining today and encouraging ExLax as well as going for a goal of their own which I believe is a non-stop 5k (you run the whole time rather than stopping for a breather). I think they got close but came up just short.  Way to set a goal and go for it fellas!  Who cares if you come up short.  (This time). It just means you get to keep trying. I know they will and they will achieve it when the time is right.


The route we did is officially called “Pursuit: Frank and Beans” but I will call it Twig and Berries from this day forth. The funny thing is, I live right on the tip of the “Frank” or Twig?. Insert “Just the Tip” joke here…


Blood Drive, January 6th. A couple of spots left as of this morning. Hopefully those were filled as of this publication…

CSAUP February 6th – I could write a paragraph or two about this but the main points are get out Next Saturday and join us for what will be a memorable event for the Waxhaw PAX and any others that join us. I really look forward to the 2nd F afterward. It’s been a while since we gathered for anything other than a workout.

A couple of other CSAUPs are coming in March.

Beer Mile: drink a beer and run a 1/4 mile, R/R until 1 mile is reached and 4 beers have been consumed. There are more rules but you get the gist.

Rooster: Individuals or Teams of 2 or 5 run a marathon distance on a 1 mile course. Get your teams together and go kick some a$$ WAXHAW!

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