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The Big Turd

9 were not afraid to venture out to explore some new Floater territory. Multi-PAX disclaimer given. 

Warm Up:

Mosey to Cox Law Firm, PLLC.   All IC-Mountain climbers x 10, Plank Jacks x10, peter parkers x10; Maktjar Ndiaye x 10, elbow Parker Peters x10


From there, run up Providence to CVS. At every third light, 10 Merkins and 10 squats. There were 258 lights so do the math.   CVS-some mary until the 6 arrived

Run from there to the cleanest Burger King in Waxhaw-We did Merkins, elbow planks and some other stuff, not sure all what we did there but we were subjected to at least three terrible puns by the comedians of the group.   

Main Event: 

Keep moving to Providence Farms, a lovely but rather hidden residential community

We stopped at the bottom, small hill on one end and large hill on the other end.  .25 miles end to end

Run up the hill, 20 15 Bomb Jacks, back down and at other end, 15 Jump Squats, in the middle, 15 Monkey Humpers.   We repeated this 2 times, most got to go up the large hill 3 times to get back to Providence.   


Back down Providence, at every driveway/street, complete 10 merkins, 10 dry docks.

Cross the street. Up Keith Jong’s dirty Hill, at halfway point, run backwards up hill.

To half wall, dips, 20 Derkins to close out the day. 

Approx 3.4 mi.



Shame on the Floater Site Q’s for not finding this hill earlier.  Only had 4 years to find it. Little bit of a trek to get there but it’s always good to try something new, which I’m definitely not known for.    Plenty of merkins and running, stayed dry, plus no train and no burpees, headlamps and reflective gear for days, doesn’t get much better than that.  


MadDog comes in announcing that he couldn’t wait to be the six, yet moments later FNG Veritas (works for Apologia and is going on 8 kids, yes we missed an opportunity there) comes strolling in claiming his six throne.   Rough first day, I Apoligized.  

Chastain, Easy Button, Ice9 and Bottlecap love them some hills, so they were happy and likely the culprits of the bad Burger King puns (YHC was in deep Q focus).   All sprinting up and hoping that they will be #1 when a Strava segment is eventually created. 

Shake’s favorite movie is/was Talladega Nights, hence the name.  Plus he stated that if we were going all the way to Alma Village like my last Q, he would bar we from ever Q’ing The Floater again.  Ouch. 

Dasher made sure we all had excuses for why we weren’t at Express on Tuesday before he would work out today.  Good thing we set up a separate Group Me channel to come up with the excuse.

Twinkle Toes openly admitted he used to write backblasts in his early F3 days but since there are so many new guys, knew he could get away with pretending he could not (maybe).



Easy Button loves being a new site Q. Floater sign ups needed  

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