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What’s a BB Anyways? Sponsored by The Appetizer

16 eating yesterday at Appetizer! In the mix several pax and 2.0’s to do a warm up, Paula Abdul 11’s combination of LBC’s and burpees, and a 4 corner spritzer. Got in 2.0 miles tonight and had fun. We ended with a special prayer for shop dog’s father and family as they mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Mr Shop Dogs dad, then naming an FNG Lexie Brawn AKA “Goldfish” Goldfish is one of three daughters from Tim Brawn – Tanya Teen! Great having you all there.

In attendance: trickle; tumbleweed, Zinfandel, the dude, the bean, c3pO, Rubbermaid, freestyle, bolt, banjo, T1000, Lefty, and twinkle toes! Thanks everyone for a great workout together. See ya next time. –

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