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A Funner Impromptu (sorry for the inflated numbers)

Good day gents, Ackbar here. Recalculating was originally leading today but is on the mend (get well soon Recal). So I came up with this over the last two days, no titles, no themes, just knowing it was cold so we got to work. Oh when I joined the group before starting everyone was talking about GameStop. That makes be happy, because I love videogames! Also when gents were comparing notes of how Recal dresses in this weather compared to me, I said we were polar opposites. Get it?! ….I didn’t get so much as a groan. Time for payback! 😉

Warm Up

  • Mosey to the front of the middle school
  • 50 LBSs (get warm)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • Calf Stretch (received much positive feedback)
  • More stretching of the legs, felt good.

The Thang

Quick mosey to the bus pickup/drop off roof. Gotta make our way to Rudy’s shed. This meant…

  • Bear Crawl through the roof area
  • Take a left to the picnic tables, 30 triceps pushups
  • Continue, take a left on the basketball court, Bunny Hop across and back
  • At Rudy’s Shed, 20 Bobby Hurleys

At Rudy’s Shed, find some wall and then…

  • 50 Air Presses
  • 15 Donkey Kicks
  • 5 Derkins

Oh, we must return to the Bus Stop, but repeat the above, just in reverse order. Then find some wall, and do the Air Presses again and etc. The Air Presses were a bit much this time.

Mosey back to Rudy’s Shed, saying this was going all downhill. Got some groans this time, progress! At this point I said “now we will have some fun.” “You mean it hasn’t been fun yet?”  ….good point. Well now it’s going to be funner! Funner is a fun word.

  • Run to the first light, 3 Burpees, return to the start.
  • Run to the 2nd light for 3 Burpees, but every previously “Burpeed” light you must do 5 Merkins (at this point I heard much groaning…told you it would be funner).
  • Return to the start. The goal is to make it past every light to the parking lot and return…
  • ….but time ran short, and I am no gazelle right now, so we returned to the parking lot for some LBCs, and TIME.
  • See, funner!


  • Impressive turnout considering it was 26 degrees today and kept dropping.
  • When we planked up waiting for the 6th, Mad Dog yells, “Get your butts down!”  And he was right, even without looking. I wasn’t looking either, but I was doing a downward dog…so guilty as charged.
  • It is impossible to recognize Fuse Box with those high beams on.
  • Shop Dog was killing it today, very impressive!
  • Schnitzel lapped me on the final run. Amazing work!
  • So I’m having trouble remembering who was all in Impromptu vs Swarm this morning, and with our check-in I recorded everyone…..and I do not want to leave anyone out, so Swarm & Impromptu is in the “attendance.”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Thanks Schneider for keeping everyone moving while waiting for the 6th with Heels to Heaven and LBCs. You rock!
  • Good times had by all!


  • WAXTRAVAGANZA next Saturday, starting at 7:30 at Floater. 3 hours with good mileage and boot camps, and finish at Waxhaw Taphouse 11 or so.
  • The Rice & Beans/Christ’s Closet giveaway is Feb 20th.
  • Apparently everyone has been the 6th man, except Nails & myself. Nails shared his F3 journey, ups and downs, and losing 60 lbs last year, wow!  That’s like my kids, rock on, and you do look amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey; it was both encouraging and awesome!
  • I took us out…partly because I figured someone would yell, “What about the preacher…” Trying to stay ahead of y’all, for once! 😉

May the Force be with you! Peace!

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