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By By Miss American Pie

Well, you realize that when you volunteer to queue for Clean Slate, you better have plenty of gas.  Twenty minutes into the drive, I had to stop and pull a Rudy.  Normally this happens during a workout but not when you are prepping to run clean slate.  Fortunately, Catfish has said he will be mailing out gas cards for the drive.

The Thang

Mosey out and back to the circle in from of the stadium

  • Low Slow Squats X20
  • Mountain Climbers X20
  • Calf Stretch
  • Imperial Walkers X20

Mosey to the pie-shaped piece of the parking lot for some American Pie

  • Alternate 10X SSH and 10X Plank Jacks at each island winding all the way through the pie-shaped asphalt
  • Hip Thrusters While you Wait

Mosey to the second piece of pie marking lot

  • Alternate 10X Inclined MErkins and 10X Decline Merkins as you wind through the second piece of pie

Mosey to the center of the Tennis Courts

  • At each corner and intersection 10X Squats,
  • Return the center of the box after each set for 2X Bobby Hurley
  • Finish with some Big Boys while we wait

Mosey to the bus lot

  • Bear Crawl to Each Bus, 1X Merking at each Bus, Finish 16 buses in length
  • Four Corners of LBCs, Bicycles, Big Boy Situps, and HEals to HEaven
  • 2 ROunds of 10 at each corner

Run back to the start

At the end, 4.0 Miles, my fair share of pie, and we got to welcome two new FNG’s to the PAX.  Welcome Matt Helms as ReDistrict and Jim Bower  as DrainO


  • Blood Drive Today – If you missed today, look for an opportunity at SOB – aiming for 10000 pints of blood
  • CSUP February 6th
  • Future Beer Mile Run
  • Rooster in March – 5 guys sharing a Marathon
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