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Flash in the pan

Warm Up  Mosey to High School entrance.  Stretching, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Mt. Climbers.

The Thang  Grab a bench.  20 Step Up’s, 20 Derkins, Repeat.

Mosey to entrance of HS parking lot.  Run perimeter to stadium, 1 Burpee at every light.  Continue to bus lot, 10 speed skaters at every light.  Continue to HS Gym entrance.  Grab wall and a partner.  P1 runs down to the road, does burpee at steps and back to wall.  P2 does exercise.  As a team, complete the following:  150 Donkey Kicks, 100 Shoulder Taps, 50 Mike Tysons.

Mosey to YHC’s shed.  Run down the path, every other light, stop and bear crawl 40 paces.  Continue all the way down the path to parking lot.  Turn around and run back down path to YHC’s shed.  At every other light post, 10 low slow squats.  Turn around and run back down path to parking lot/COT.  At every other light, 5 merkins.

Moleskin  Great push by all.  YHC took us out.  Prayers for Metro pax who succumbed to Covid.  CSAUP  on 2/6 – downtown Waxhaw.

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