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A Mere Formality

7 pax put on some cold weather gear for a Saturday morning Commitment workout with temps around 26.  Even Recalc had sleeves on this morning.  As we are gathering in the parking lot a few minutes before 6:30, Popeye says “your first boot camp Q in quite some time”.  True from a ‘formal aspect’ although I say it doesn’t really feel like it since I have probably Q’d a gazillion mash workouts since last May.  Difference is I’m usually late half asleep as the Q goes through the DICCS and then we break-off for mash so a lot less responsibility.  This time, everyone is waiting on me to get the party rolling.

6:30 is here, lets get the Thang started–

DICCS are a little rusty but we make it through and onto a little mosey around the parking lot a quick three laps, last one running backwards and we stay with Mashers for the warmup.

  • Moroccan night clubs
  • Side straddle hops
  • Plank with some 6 inch call outs
  • Mountain climbers
  • Potato pickers

Break off from mashers, tell em we’ll be back and head over to nesbit driveway near circle.

  • At every other tree we do 2 burpees and then do 10 merkins alternating to the end by elementary school entrance
  • Mosey over to steps in between school parking lot and baseball field.  4 sets of 20 calf raises.

Mosey to parking lot by basketball hoops

  • Four corners. start with 10 squats in the center, then run over to a corner to do 20 reps and back to center. the corners exercises are Dips, Donkey kicks, LBCs and Mike Tysons.
  • Next Bear Crawl 1/3 parking lot, linebackers for next 1/3, flapjack linebackers for the last 1/3.  At end turn around, repeat the thirds back to the beginning.
  • Grab some wall.  People’s chair position, each guy counts out 10 reps going down the line (50 in total) after reps are done jailbreak across parking lot to curb and then mosey back. First set of reps is air presses, second set is air punches (ditkas), third set is hammer twists.  Ghosted smoked us showing some speed in the jailbreak!

Mosey out of parking lot towards kensington road and head back into first Millbridge entrance and back to parking lot to join the mashers with the cinder blocks

  • 30 curls
  • 30 for 30 ladder-  30 chest presses followed by 30 Gas pumps on cinder block, 25 cp w 25 rosalitas, 20 cp w 20 LBCs, 15 cp w 15 v flutters, 10 cp w 10 heels to heaven, 5 cp w 5 big boys
  • Captain Therkin webb   (1 big boy/4 amer hammers/2 merkins, 2/8/2, 3/12/2 etc…to 10/40/2)

Mosey over to circle

  • each guy calls out exercise that the others have to do it while caller runs around the circle.  We almost get through two rounds of callouts then we are out of time so head back to parking lot for COT.



  • blood drive in a few hours
  • csaup waxhaw next weekend
  • rice n beans/christ closet partner event uptown on Feb 20th
  • prayers for Shop dog and his family with the recent passing of his father
  • prayers for Sledge as he starts a new job


So my first ‘formal’ Q in probably a year and I was able to get through with only one major glitch that I am aware of.  I forgot Name-o-rama, so we did that after the COT prayer.  It was good to be Qing a workout where the scenery changed a bit and had some more variety to chose from.  I’ve been pretty much only doing mash workouts for 8 months, and there are only so many ways to lift a cinder block and brick I have been itching to get some more running in now that my knee can handle it and get more cardio mixed into my routine.  Mash has been an awesome workout while I healed from surgery and I also got to know a handful of pax well.  Since we don’t move around much and stare at the same people for 45 minutes, we have a ton of good banter and chats while we are doing reps.  Even as some of us injured folks heal up and start mixing back in with other boot camps, I know Mash is in good hands.  Many others have stepped up and and are leading the workouts plus there are always pax coming to the IR (some for second and third ir stints!) so its very much needed as well.  And even when I get back to 100%, the mashers can’t get rid of me forever.





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