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Express – Official Launch

Official Launch!  Waxhaw Express was born out the the Rooster race from 2/29/2020.  Shortly after the race Wolverine signed us up to do a virtual team race on a weekly basis.  Just so happens when we were running our first race he tells us he’s not even on our team. Go figure!  In order for us to get faster we started an unofficial running workout on Tuesdays to focus on speed and strength.  We just kept it rolling.

OG members, Deadwood, Bottlecap, Gerber, Easy Button, Hollywood, Dasher, Glidah and Wolverine.  This group of folks have worked really hard and pushed each other to new fitness levels over the last year.  There is something to be said about going through this with such a great group of dudes.  Now we get to share that with everyone else.

This workout is for all Pax members that are looking to push themselves, the people around them, and experience something different.

Tool Time steps up to be site Q and lead the first official

Flag planted (Thanks Gerber for making it)

Zin, I’m disappointed you didn’t show up for ribbon cutting ceremony



DiCCS given

Mile warm-up

Stretching in HS parking lot


The Thang

Ran 2 x 200 (40 sec recovery between each)

Ran 2 x 400 (40 sec recovery between each)

Ran 2 x 800 ish (2:00 minute recovery)

Ran 1 x 1400 ish  (2:00 minute recovery)

Recover jog to finish things off



Waxtravaganza this Saturday at 7:00.  Meet at Floater

Rooster Race in Fort Mill. 5 person team running 1 miles relay style for 25 miles and the 26th mile the team runs together.

Keeping Metro Pax members family and Shop Dogs family in our thoughts and prayers

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