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A Chicken loves his Burpees.

Warm up

Warm up lap around the block behind the church. Circle up in front of the church.

20 x SSH

20 x imperial walkers

5 merkins

5 diamond merkins (for most, Zinfandel is somehow not capable of putting his hands together in a diamond shape, so just 5 more regular merkins for him)

Various stretches.

15 mountain climbers

The Thang

Mosey over to the long street behind Dream Chasers.  At each light do 5 burpee’s until you reach the end of the street.

Do 10 T-merkins and run a lap around the loop that connects N. Providence, Miller Dr, and Blythe mill Rd. (the DO NOT ENTER sign road) and do 10 more T-merkins at the end of the lap.  I had no idea whatsoever but there is a segment around this loop.  I wonder who the Champ is??

Head back towards Dream Chasers.  Paula Abdul’s on the way.  Up 2 lights (20 speed skaters) back 1 light (10 Bobby Hurley’s).  Cut this one short at E. Price st because I was getting board and Chicken Little recommended Burpee’s at KJH as the next stop.  Not wanting to upset the PAX, I obliged and we headed to KJH.

Head over to KJH. Suicides up KJH.  5 hand release merkins at the bottom and 5 burpees at every stop heading up the hill.

Mosey to COT.  wait, another recommendation from the PAX.  not sure who it was this time but someone pointed out the wall on the left.  To the wall we go 20 Mike Tyson’s at the wall and done! (Carb Load recommended have a nice day but we ran out of time).  next time Carb Load…I promise.


The Moleskin

Another successful post at Floater.  Great group of guys this morning!  Appreciate you letting me lead you.  Special shoutout to the Mash Unit.  It was down right cold out there this morning.


CSAUP event – Feb 6th



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