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Break in the rain but the fields were plenty wet

A few weeks back when Orange Whip asked me to Q Kevlar, I was really excited as I haven’t ventured out that in in a long time.  So like a good Q, I gassed up the family cruiser, got some snacks, book on tape and made the 13 min drive to Covenant Day.  The entire ride there I had 2 questions, “It’s raining, do I need to modify?  Will anyone show?”  To my surprise, I pulled in behind some OG F3 Pax and another followed me in.  With the rain slowing down, I threw the rain day modification out the window as these vets came to play.  Wait, there is one more pax taking his sweet time, lets take a brief run and pick him up.  The total number is not at 5, here is what we did.


Warm Up

Yes, YHC is getting old and my weekly PT bills are thru the roof, so as we took a lap around the building I added some dynamic stretching for my sake.  The pax followed and did not complain.  As we got back to some familiar haunts, we got the Arm Circles, SSH and Imperial walkers out of the way x10 each


The Thang

Deconstruction of the 8 count Burpee.  At each island we would take one part from an eight count burpee, perform x15 reps and then put them all together for x10 full 8 count burpees

Island 1- Squats / Island 2- bunny hops / Island 3- merkins / Island 4- plank jacks / Top of the hill 8 count burpees run back to start and repto x3


Add in a brief Ab interlude…6 inches, box cutters and flutters


Head over to the rock pile…slim pickings on the lifting rocks, but everyone found one.  Quick Mosey over to the very wet soccer field.


This is a favorite of YHC…

Divide the field in 1/4s and repto until the end

Overhead rock carry to the first point

Curls, Triceps, Overhead press and Squats x 15 each…overhead carry to the mid point of the field, set rock down and back peddal to the start (always back to the start).  Repto unitl you get to the end of the field.  One there, overhead carry all the way back to the starting point.


Once completed, we headed with the rock to the pavilion. Once there we did the following

Dips x15 w/ rock in your lap

Incline Merkins x15

Decliner Merkins x15

Step up/ jump ups …nope, forgot


Finish here with some more ab work (some with rock) American Hammer, LBC, Flutter presses


With minutes to spare, throw rocks where you got them and head to start.  Find a tree or pole and tree sit for 1 min or so




-Blood Drive

-There was something else, hit up the comments if you remember

Take Out prayer- Orange Whip

Keep Double Trouble in your thoughts and prayers as he lots his life to Covid.  He leaves behind a wife and high school age children


Ye Old Moleskinny

-Thanks to Orange Whip the opportunity to lead

-I only kid about the distance of this AO, sure it’s on the outside of my 3 mile workout bubble and it was really good coming to this AO.  Origional A51 AO for those that remember that

-Thank you to the Pax for following all the nonsense above, even getting your feet wet on the field today.  I considered the parking lot, but my feet were already wet and I hated to be the only one uncomfortable

-Great to see BLC in the gloom.  Been a long time brother…although you use to do more of the exercises.  Only kidding, as the Pax is all getting older, plenty of reason not to do certain things

-If you are a regular at Kevlar, you should always post.  That pavilion is sweet!  I am not saying that the Q will use it on a rain day, I am just saying some of us are getting soft (TWSS)

-Orange Whip is always in beast mode.  I slowed him done on the first set since our group was small so we waited for everyone to get back

-Geraldo I think this is the fist time in a long time I have seen you do a burpee…8 count at that…T-claps. You asked for a demonstration…smooth move vet!  Just trying to get the Q to do one more

-Lex Luther there was talk that you abused the Pax in the last rain storm at this site, yet I think you might have been the loudest about wet shoes

-Also, Lex this is a 0530 start…wait your still doing the 75 day challenge, posting 2x’s per day and drinking a gallon of water.  Oh, I am sure you had to stop to pee on your way to the AO…your good

-Glad the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the full outdoors



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