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Waxtravanganza Legs

Brand new week…ready to crush it. (even with sore Waxtravanganza legs)

Since Ignition is a high intensity running workout, I fully came to Q today expecting only to see 1 maybe 2 pax that may not have made it to Waxtravaganza…..To my pleasant suprise we had 6 pax today. Special kudos to Gerber, Carbload, and Premature for overcoming their “Waxtravaganza Legs ” and posting today.


Disclaimer given and we are off…..Long Mosey to get the Waxtravaganza legs warmed up…. Various regular stretches for the legs —and some not so often used leg stretches– i.e. “The Hurry Stretch” -which is good for the IT Band (Iliotibial band)…Premature now swears by this stretch and it’s his new favorite.

The Thang

Rooster Training Part II

Last week at Ignition Bottlecap started Rooster training—A timed one mile run from the start of Champion Forest to the end of the cul-de-sac. So, we did Part II of the mile run today.

Next, we turned up one of the side streets for some “sprints” up to the top and jog back– with Dry Docks at the top and Squats at the bottom.

Time to head back to campus—10 merkins at every light pole on the left.

Run around campus until we reach the two roundabouts—Start at top circle with 5 burpees –run to the bottom circle for 10 squats and 10 merkins–run to the benches for 20 dips –and then to the cafeteria benches for 20 leg ups—rinse and repeat for 3 rounds.

Time to finish up–start at RS and “give it all you have” back to COT—-6:15


Great group of guys to workout with today. Thanks to all of you for letting me lead you today…. Amazed at the quality of men in this F3 Waxhaw group.

Carbload and Premature– Great job pushing through any soreness today and both of you crushed it. It was great seeing both of you out here today and running with me!

The Gazelles– Hurry, Gerber, Ice9—Is it possible you guys are getting even faster!  All three smoked the mile run….They are Rooster ready…..Great to see Hurry back in action.


Did Carbload say he is already thinking about another CSAUP!  Wow ….I will say he did a great job and everyone had an excellent day!

Gerber–6th man–always great to find out more about each pax…Nice to hear how important F3 is to you…. Thanks for sharing.

Goodfella took us out in prayer.


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