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Surprise AMRAP for the Flash boys!

The day after the Super Bowl always brings small crowds around here, but factor in some guys trying to recover from Saturday’s Waxtravaganza and we were a bit lighter than expected.  The (7) men who showed up for Flash and (13) more for Ignition and M.A.S.H. all put in some work today, though. The Flash crew had no clue they would experience perhaps the greatest AMRAP course Waxhaw has seen…dating back to 2016’ish at Impromptu.   I believe only 3 of us brought “fond” memories of this one (YHC, Rockwell, Dough Boy) but the others (Chicken Little, Honeycomb, High Hat, Chainsaw) would leave with their own nightmares.  Thanks to Bottlecap for the assist on the original stations since it had been a while.


Here is how it went…we would hit 7 Stations around the back of the High School…for 30 Minutes…give it All You’ve Got…walk away tired but live to tell about it. Stations include:

  1. (20) Merkins at the Upper Circle (near the football stadium)
  2. (20) Dips at the benches
  3. (20) Box Jumps at the tables/benches
  4. (20) Big Boy Sit-ups on the path
  5. (20) Curl-to-Press at the Rock Pile
  6. (20) Supines near the Upper Circle
  7. (+1) Burpee per # of round completed at the Lower Circle

About halfway through, we noticed the Ignition crew was trying to get in on the action. Were they just lonely? Who knows?  They jumped in the same space as us, but seemed to be working hard so no complaints by the Pax for stealing their thunder!  Nice job, fellas.

5-minute timer went off so it was time to hightail it back to COT. Done!


It’s always a privilege to lead and push each other to the point of exhaustion during an AMRAP. YHC always looked forward to these around Cuthbertson years ago, and they never disappointed. Pax get to either push themselves beyond what they would do normally by chasing (or being chased by) another Pax, or simply go at their own pace. Either way, we get to work hard for 30 minutes at an increased heart rate. Nothing wrong with that.  Thanks for the push today, fellas, especially, Chicken Little who was with me the entire time. Happy Birthday to Dough Boy, but I’m sorry for the “gift” you received today!  Rockwell, Honeycomb, High Hat and Chainsaw all pushed themselves and each other the entire time, which is great to see.

I look forward to leading again soon, now that life is getting a bit easier on the home front. NEVER take this for granted, fellas.  Sometimes things seem comfortable, consistent, predictable, and it’s “easy” to post 5-6 times/week (or more for some).  Other times, the unexpected happens and we need to shift our priorities and put ourselves second or third. If/when that happens, don’t be afraid to take your foot off the gas for a bit. This is a Marathon, not a Sprint as we all know. Play the Long Game. You’ll get back to form before long…even if it doesn’t feel that way.  I am more grateful and blessed to be part of F3 Waxhaw than ever. Being a “participant” for a while is what needed to happen, but it’s great to be back out there leading my brothers however I can.  God Bless you guys, and I will SYITG!





  • CSAUP “Waxtravaganza” was an incredible success.  Plans are already in the works for the next one.  Coming soon…
  • Thanks to Gerber for sharing his 6th Man testimony. We are blessed to have you, brother.
  • Again…Happy 45th Bday, Dough Boy!
  • That’s about all I remember!

YHC took us out.

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