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Calling in a Sub Q for Hurry who had a last minute “early meeting”.




The Thang

Century Club workout!

  • 100 KB Swing
  • 100 Deadlift to upright row
  • 100 Plank KB pull through
  • 100 Single Arm press (50 each arm)
  • 100 Flutters holding KB above head
  • 100 Squat Thruster w/ single arm press (50 each arm) Ugh!
  • Run the parking lot down and back twice per 100. You pick when to run.
  • Ran around the bull ring as a group between each 100 exercises



We had 2 site FNG’s in Chicken Little and Popeye.  Both of those guys were at Waxhaw Express yesterday as well.   Great job to both of you for getting out of the bubble, trying something new, and working hard.

Bottle Cap was complaining about his arms hurting because of all the tennis he played last night.  He will always have “tennis arms”.

Gerber is getting scary, we all know he is fast, now he is getting strong.  Watch out!

Watching guys like Sugar Daddy and Blue Screen at their age push as hard as they do is so impressive and should be an inspiration to all of us.  Especially the guys getting ready to hit the “R” level.

Ice9 being Ice making all his noises continues to show us all up with a 45 lb KB.  Good choice on not going to Mash.

Zin was barking out IPC counting concerns from the start.  He has said that he goes to Cowbell because of the proximity to his house.  Hopefully, he got his money worth today.  Always good having you in the pax.

Chastain shows up with his pristine new KB and continues to kill it.  He is no longer sneaky fast, just fast.

Glidah, get that foot better soon.  We need you at our workouts.  You make the workouts better.


Due to the great temps this morning we got some good post workout 2nd F time.

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