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Does Tom finish on top of Giselle?

YHC has never been a Tom Brady fan, but you show respect when respect is due.  11 men came together (unknowingly) in the gloom to show respect to The GOAT.



Goofball x 20 IC

Moroccan Night Club x 20 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC




Run the long driveway, stopping at each light for Alternating Shoulder Taps x 7 OYO

Run back to the first light with Supermans x 7 at each light

To the front drop-off area for The GOAT.

  • G – Gas Pumps x 12
  • OA – Orphan Annie x 12
  • T – T-merkins x 12
  • ! – Burpee… increasing each round 1-7

Do the G at the top of the lot, run to the center crosswalk for OA, run to the bottom for T, run backwards up the lot for the ! burpee in the middle and continue backwards to the top of the lot for the repeato.  7 rounds with an additional burpee each round.

Back to the driveway for Carolina Dry Dock x 7 at each light, with more CDD on the return

Hurry back to COT and finish with the Giselle fka A-Rod (J-Lo combined with a Pickle Pounder)



The workout started out on a great note when Goodfella asked if YHC was going to call that crazy exercise where you look stupid and he began to mimic climbing a ladder.  Great suggestion and since YHC was not decided on which warm-ups to use, that was received as request.  Goofballs it is!

Watching with awe on Sunday night as Tom Brady and the Bucs dismantled the favored Chiefs, YHC knew this would have to work its way into the midweek workout and used 7s (Super Bowl Titles), 10s (Super Bowls) and 12s (jersey) as the basis for most rep counts.  This was explained at the start of the GOAT round, to which Big Ben asked, “Does Tom Brady finish on top of Giselle?”  Digging through the Exicon last night suddenly came in handy again and that would be the finisher.  “We’ll see….”

Just like the NY Giants from where he hails (more or less), Goodfella proved to be the most capable at beating the GOAT in the big Thang today, leading the pack and heading back for the Six late in the game.  The backwards run on a slight incline is a real crowd pleaser in a not-at-all way, similar to most of the seasons produced by Smuggler’s hometown Jags.  The layout of The GOAT was intended to allow for mumblechatter and low worries about tracking counts — more or less successful.  Overheard: “Why couldn’t Tom Brady have worn #1?”

And the lead group arrived back at COT just in time answer yes to Big Ben’s profound question.  YHC took the A-Rod from the Exicon and put it to good use — J-Lo with a Pickle Pounder.  A-Rod showed GOAT potential early on, but the character let him down.  Brady kept at it, kept pounding, and so did the PAX today.



Last Call AO – 0600 on Fridays at Marvin Ridge High School

SOB Blood Drive — Friday, Feb 19th at the Brace YMCA.  Sign up, save some lives.

More CSAUP goodness on the way…?

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