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Lets take a walk down Lovers Lane

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch and I am your Q for this week! In my opinion…This is the best new AO in the area. For those that dont know the history of this…Sir Posse was the brainchild behind this. One weekend afternoon back around labor day weekend while both him and I were helping out a Millbridge resident in need with moving, while walking a mattress on top of our heads to Shop Dogs garage, he says to me hey TB, I was thinking about starting a new Sunday morning walk, what do you think? What do I think…I think thats a great idea. Lets start next Sunday! He didnt expect me to jump on it like I did…so there you have it…Neighborhood Watch was born. We started out just him and I and its now grown to at least 5+ guys every Sunday morning plus dogs and children. Our Sunday morning walk gives you an opportunity to get all three F’s in at once with your F3 brothers. It also gives you bonding time opportunities with your dog or child(ren) should you choose to bring them along. I ask all of you to get out and give it shot…at least once. Its kind of like with your kids when they tell you that they dont want to eat something, you ask them just to give it a try once, if they like it, they get more. If they dont like it, they dont have to eat. They tried it once. I promise you that is all you will need to become a regular…just try it once.  Every Sunday morning 7:30am to 8:30am at a development near you. Please check out for each weeks location.

This week I chose Carolina Reserve in Indian Land for our walk.

We completed a 3.05 mile walk around Carolina Reserve and the Carolina Reserve Shopping Center.

Today was Slege O Matics first time out to Neighborhood Watch – Welcome buddy! Hope to see you out more.

During our morning walk we found things out such as Posse has to celebrate Valentines Day and his wife’s birthday one week apart and is not allowed to combine gifts. He has to celebrate both separately. Come to find out later on in the morning, he doesnt have it so bad…Ghosted’s wife is actually born on Valentines Day. Poor guy has to pull double duty. Posse asks that you dont take away his self pity.

We also discovered that Chicken Little, Sledge, Hollywood and Gerber are all connected through their occupations but on different sides of the fence.

Chicken Little discussed that during the early days of Covid that his wife came out to the neighborhood workouts and O-69 gave her the nickname of Alice…as in from the Brady Bunch. Got a good little chuckle out of that story.

Posse and Dynamite discussed what could be Dynamite’s next entrepreneurship that he could pursue. For those that dont…Dynamite is quite the entrepreneur and has a lot of insight for those looking to venture down this avenue.

Dynamite also expressed interest in Mash…so Mashers…make sure you keep on top of him to get him out there.

I had a little hiccup in my journey, so some of the fellas discussed with me how to get over it. Professor Posse is always good with his words of wisdom with me. Glad to have him as one of my mentor’s.

Chicken Little and Posse are the best two guys to have at Neighborhood Watch. They always have so much to offer and discuss. Thanks fellas!




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