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Ok, Let’s Start Over

The Pax:

Except for Wolf:


First Called Exercise:

The Pax at 6:31


Hey Wolf, do you wear a watch?


So how are you going to know what time it is?  Wolf to Mad Dog:


Mad Dog worriedly looking at his watch the whole workout:


Wolf giving instructions about how to count off exercises:


Blue Screen:




Blue Screen:




Everyone else:




C3PO trying to find everyone and coming in late:


Then C3PO when he realizes he’s next on the counting chopping block:


and now has to count…..




Then Everyone else when it was time to start with them:


Meanwhile, Shop Dawg 15 minutes into the workout:


Along with Sugar Daddy, Twinkle Toes, and Premature….


Short Mosey to the Road for exercises while Premature, Twinkle Toes, Sugar Daddy, and Shop Dawg pull in 20 minutes late:


Mosey back to the breezeway, the Pax when it was time to count again:




Wolf’s instructions during wall sits about hands touching thighs:


Or he would call out:


Blue Screen to Gerber:


Then backwards balls to the wall was called (so butt to the wall?), most of the PAX:


Except for Dasher and C3PO:


Almost done, just enough time for a few head bob Merkins:




and you guessed it:


Final Mosey to COT:


Wolf at COT:



The Pax in response:


But since it was now over, the pax:


Then off to Coffeeteria:



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