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Unwritten rules

Trying to knock out the last few sites I’ve ever Qed before. Checked The Floater off thr list last week, I have Swarm this Friday, and today I vQed Ignition.

First rookie mistake, I started with the standard DICCS. I got a few blank stares before Dasher kindly pointed out they usually just lead with “don’t be a dumbass.” Definitely easier to say than it is to do.


Head to the front of the high school for a few stretches and IC exercises then to the top of the hill and into Champion Forest.

The Thang

The Rooster Training Part III

Times 1 mile run from the entrance to CF down to the cul-de-sac. A few things to note:

  1. To get the full mile you have to start in the middle of Cuthbertson Rd.
  2. Dasher wasn’t expecting (or wanting) to run the speed mile today. I wasn’t either about halfway through
  3. Not really new news, but Hurry is fast

On the return alternate 10 Merkins and 10 Bobby Hurleys at each light post (19 of them since we forgot the one in the cul-de-sac)

Once complete a quick Mosey to the northwest corner of the high school lot. Gotta keep an eye on the Flashers who are entering from the opposite end.

Time for some track work:

10 burpees, then a lap around the parking lot. Run at 70% on side one, 50% on side two, 90-100% on side three, then 50% on side four. Mosey as a group to the next corner and Repeato.

We did 4 rounds of the above, dodging the Flash pax who were doing something terrible involving rocks. The last round we modified and did 7 burpees instead of 10. Bottlecap noted this sounded suspiciously like birthday burpees. What can I say? I like to share

Another mosey to the traffic circles for some 7s work. Speed Skaters (2=1) and High Knees/Knee Slaps/Knee Taps? Whatever you call them, you jump, bring your knees to your chest, and slap them with your hands. Another unwritten Ignition rule: always take the long way around. In this case, go all the way around the traffic circle, not just TO the traffic circle.

While we’re naming rules, Hollywood also noted that backblasts aren’t required for Ignition. There was a bit of back and forth but fortunately our nantan gave a final ruling: ALL sites require a backblast.

Another mosey down to the Palace of Poo for a couple rounds of Donkey Kicks, then with less than 90 seconds remaining a final run up the hill to COT. 


I was thinking last week I should commemorate another trip around the sun by adding another AO under my belt. While it wasn’t quite the shocker this was my Ignition vQ as the gasps I got last week for announcing it was my Floater vQ, it felt good to get this one done. Thanks to Hollywood for the opportunity to grab this one on my birthday. Thanks to Bottlecap for the push to do Rooster training. Thanks to Hurry for lapping me on the 7s. I was feeling alright about myself recently so it’s good to be knocked down a peg. 😛


Chainsaw was given his Double Respect shirt today. He also gave us his 6th man story. His son-in-law, Deadsmell, brought him out a few years ago and he’s been a consistent fixture at our workouts ever since. If you missed his story then ask him about it some time. It wouldn’t do it justice to type it here.


Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out. 

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