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A Chicken is Lose in Marvin

DICCS -given to include all the regular stuff

Warm Up

Mosey around large lot and up stairs to front of school

  • Monster Walk/ Knees to Chest/Plank
  • Calve Stretch/ Upward Dog/Downward Dog/Can Opener

Mosey down road in front of school to first lot on right in front of Middle school

The Thang

Web to warm up Core

1 Dry Dock ( increase by 1 until we reach 10)

4 Big Boys ( always)

4 LBC or Pistol LBCS( increase by 4 until we reach 40)- Chicken calls out pistol or regular LBCS or a combo of each.

Mosey down road and take a left at the gate to the gravel lot that leads up to the baseball/softball fields for some fun

10 Bomb Jacks at gate and run to fields on path for 10 jump squats- repeat 3 times and circle back for the 6

Mosey to lot in front of school across the road for another fun filled web

1- Mike Tyson ( got to 7)

4 Bear Crawls ( got to 28)

Mosey down trail behind school and near practice fields then cross road where buses are back into large lot where COT is to finish the web from heck!!

8- Mike Tysons ( got to 10)

32 – Bear Crawls ( got to 40)

Mosey to top of lot to a parking island for sprint/burpee/mosey cycle

At top island complete 3 burpees then mosey down parking lot to next island for 3 burpees as a group. Once all PAX is finished we sprint-fast pace mosey back up lot to parking island for 3 burpees- Rinse repeat 3 times ( ughh).

Mosey back towards COT and stop a another parking island for slide over curve merkins

plank on curve and complete a merkin then slide over – go right 7 times then left 7 times HOLD PLANK.. go right 5 times and then left 5 times HOLD PLANK… Recover and mosey to COT.

With 1 minutes left sprint up lot to parking island and mosey back down to COT.



As always I love leading this group of men and leaders within our community and today was no different. I must say I was little nervous as I have not been to this site in quite sometime for whatever reason. This site has a lot to offer so when Premature asked me to switch due to a injury to Deep Dish I was like helllllll yeaaaaaa lets do this..  Few call out todays.

Soft Pretzel- Beast mode ( not sure if he even broke a sweat)

Tanyatine, Noonan, Schnitzel and One Star crushed it today.

The Wildebeest were out in force today ( Premature, Sugar Daddy, Mad Dog) only missing one injured Beest in Carb Load – get well lad we miss you bro.


Soft Pretzel was out 6th man actually 5th man but we stepped up- has been with F3 since 2012- WOW.. Has a wife and 2 daughter and got his name cause he is front Philly. The guys who gave him the name are MIA and the guy who brought him out (Hokey Stone) is MIA- Reminder to all reach out to your brothers.

Mayhem- Might be organizing a trip to Brunswick county NC to help with the tornados. If you feel led to help reach out to him he might be heading down Sunday-Tuesday.

Rice and Beans is tonight and there are a few slots open.

Friday morning at 6am Last Call is launching at same spot as dromedary – Das Boot is leading and it will be great especially if you like pickle pounding– lol

Rooster is coming March 13th — get ready boys- 5 man relay, full marathon- last mile whole team runs together

Blood Drive this Friday SOB at the YMCA— If you can give reach out to Mighty Mite

Mad Dog- Took us out and nailed his message as always- appreciate you brother





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