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Knock off the dust….

5 pax joined me a for at Watchtower that even Damascus would understand. Sometimes simple is better.


We moseyed in front of the school down the sidewalk and hung a right to the bus lot.

10 ssh

10 merkins

Calf stretch

10 low slow squat, let’s Mosey!

The Thang:

We moseyed towards the neighborhood connected to the school except we took a left and went into the neighborhood hood across the street.


Each driveway on the right knockout 5 merkins (15 driveways downhill)

On the way back knock out 1 burpee ( 17 driveways uphill)

Let’s mosey- cross the street and stop at the first intersection.


Mike Tyson at the top and Bobby Hurleys at the bottom. Done.

Speed Skaters

From the top of intersection mosey deeper into the neighborhood, at each light knock out 20 speed skaters. Roughly 8-9 lights.  Your legs will thank me!

Ab Web

Normal 1/4 count. Around 6/24 Mad Dog informs me have 7 mins left. Roomie move Deadwood, know your pax and make sure you have ample time to return…don’t  Hooch it!

We paused the Ab Web and started the mosey back and we all arrive right on time.

The Molskine:

Hard work by all this morning and thank for following me into the gloom.

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