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Watch out for Foreign Objects

I’ve been nursing a knee injury lately so the idea of a split Q made some sense.  Plan would be for Honeycomb to take the first 30 minutes and then I could do the final 30 with limited running.  A nice 28 degree Feb. greeted the PAx and a 78 year old FNG – Eric Yarborough.

6ft DICCS(Social 6, Disclaimer, Cell, CPR, Safety) was given and shortly thereafter the D would be tested/questioned.

Honeycomb took us out through the parking lots by the buses and on the way there – ting, snap.. what the heck was that?  Seems Zin stepped on some foreign object(machine or bus part) and rolled his ankle.

We stopped to do the warmup and Gerber Esq. stepped in to investigate – looked over the evidence, tagged it for chain of custody and then we all discussed who would pay for this act of negligence.  At the end of the day we’re responsible for our own safety and given the Big D upfront Zin would not be hitting the Lawyered up Lotto.  So please all add the FO to the front of the the DCCS – Foreign Objects…

The Thang

Honeycomb had waiting for us a total of 7 cones laid out in a line about 20 yds apart.  An exercise was written on each cone. Partner up and attack from each end. Cone to Cone- back to first cone with burpee.

Exercises included , BH, Merkin,Squat, plank jack,H2H, and some others for a good course.

Mosey to second parking lot – for 4 corners – 7 reps of merkins, squats, snow angels lbc

Q switch and we’re off to school

10 minute 11’s. Every Minute on the Minute.  10 Burpees/1 Bobby Hurley, 9 Burpees/2BH, 8 Burpee/3BH…….1 Burpee/10 BH

Ab Web of Big Boi and American Hammers

Mike Tyson Laps – start with 10 Tyson’s run lap..9 tysons lap…. we got to 6 and then took off for COT stop for some donkey kicks.

COT – Triple Respect FNG  Eric Yarborough- hung with us the entire workout.  Lots of inspiration on the First F to help you push your fitness further.  Blue Screen 2Respect bringing out a 3Respect for a total of 140 years- I’m not sure of their secret but I can bet it’s being active and leading a fairly healthy lifestyle…..

Welcome FNG Eric Yarborough – Trailhead.  He’s an avid hiker, senior games track star and a math tutor!!!!

Good effort all around today

Welcome back Damascus – who just shows up without a hat or gloves in the Rocky sweat suit and gets to work.

Dasher and Gerber adding in some of their own brick work to amp up the routine

Honeycomb – dude is prepared on the Q front and God Love his music selection… Men at Work and some other smooth Jazz to get you through the workout.

Sheldon – a tad late but due to the “foreign object”  delay was able to join in and crushed it. He’s doing some interesting Data Science stuff on his own –

Blue Screen – knew he would bring out a guy in shape… Blue Screen landed his 3rd stint at Microsoft so congrats and maybe you can bring  back Mr. PaperClip guy for us.

Last but not least – Zin – battled through a twisted ankle by digging deep into those leopard skin tights and finishing the entire workout.


Rooster and Beer Mile coming up- check the NewsChannel.

I think I’m in my 5th year with F3 and my recent knee issue has kept me out of the normal workouts for close to a month, my longest IR.  I can tell you that my overall energy has dropped off the past few weeks and especially this past week – from work, interaction with the family, chores,  I’m moving at a slower pace, not engaged like I should be. I’m an introvert at heart but thrive with a TEAM – and F3 is that Team.   For me the 1st F energizes me, pulls me to the 2nd,  3rd F , family, kids, work….life….

I’ve been lucky to have you all check in on me while I was out, hang with the Mash crew when able and been able to take part in the GroupMe shenanigans.

Sometimes we need to open the medicine cabinet and make sure to choose to take the DRP (Daily Red Pill) everyday.

“The second, third and thousandth Red Pill is just as tough to swallow as the first, but that initial Movement gives birth to Acceleration which leads to Momentum and Momentum ultimately leads to joy.”


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