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1st Anyul Bushwud Spellin’ Bee

18 PAX saw the forecast of mid- to high-60s today and headed out early to start their day at Bushwood Country Club.  The only problem was that it was still 32 degrees at 0530.


Mosey to the larger parking lot…

  • Motivator x 9 IC
  • Much-needed calf stretches after the Motivator



Mosey to the playground and pair up.  One partner does one exercise while the other runs a lap on the track.  Partner does the exercise.  Move on to next exercise.

  1. Swerkins
  2. Pull-ups
  3. LBCs Incline merkins on the Geodesic Dome

Repeato twice for a total of 18 holes between the team

Leave the playground and grab a lifting rock for the Spelling Bee!

  • Go around the circle of 12 PAX and spell each guy’s F3 name by moving the rock in front of you as the PAX spells out his nickname
  • After every 4 PAX, run a short lap

Hurry back to COT for AROD x 9 IC (J-Lo + the beloved Pickle Pounder)



Much like many of YHC’s rounds of golf, today’s turn at Bushwood got off to an auspicious start.  YHC learned the Motivator from a Long Island vWorkout in the Zoom a few weeks back and it’s still taking some time to break in.  Q needs more practice, so it should be on the weinke for the next one.  It’s a little tricky, but the PAX had fun with it and there were some solid imitations of Kriss Kross and “Jump Around!”  Not sure Firethorne or other local clubs allow that kind of frivolity.  The Motivator lasts a good minute and some wondered if it had lasted about 42 and, frankly, it feels like it does at times.  The calf stretch was a little longer than planned afterwards.

On to the round… did you know that mulch can freeze and ice over?  We learned that it can today.  Swerkins on icy ground can be tricky.  Also, the track at Bushwood is dark.  And puddles seem to grow, expanding and getting deeper after each lap.

But what everyone raves about… the Spelling Bee!  The idea derived from yet another butchered Slackblast on Monday where someone in SOB couldn’t figure out what Tonyateen Tanyteam Tinyteen TeeTime TT’s name was or how it was spelled.  Why not go to the source?  The guy who has to answer to it.  The goal was to see how he spells it.  After about 2 PAX it became evident that spelling at 0600 was going to be a chore more than we could handle.  Big Ben was nice enough early on to go with “BB” and Taco Stand followed suit with “Taco.”  J-Woww didn’t bother with the dash, and then Swift got creative with a lowercase “i with the dot.”  Then the trouble began.  Smugglr Smuggler skipped the “e” and then told the PAX to erase the “r” and make it “er.”  FNG stepped in without missing a beat to call “FNG” even though his hospital name is shorter and The Juice went all in to include “The.” And then the moment YHC was waiting for:

“T-A-N-Y-N- oh, wait! no ‘N’ A-T-I-N-E”

Presumably, it’s Tanyatine, but even he has trouble with it.

We made it through all 12 guys just in time to return the rocks (thankfully, Sledge-o-matic was with the MASH crew today) and mosey back to COT for the AROD — the PAX love the burn of the Pickle Pounder to finish the workout.

Props to Fiji for bringing out the FNG.  He’s from SoCal and was happy to hear that there’s already a Trojan in the area so he wasn’t going to get that name.  There was debate around Ken Doll and Waterboy and YHC has continued with that struggle throughout the day.  Big Ben noted that he lives off the 11th hole at Firethorne and there’s always a cooler out back for guys to pick up a mid-round adult beverage and the sound of the story is a good one, so we welcome Waterboy.


6 PAX did MASH but when we came around from the other side of the school, they were all just lying on the ground stretching, so there is zero indication that they used cinderblocks and bricks for anything other than decoration.  Maybe there will be a BB from the group?

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