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Field Trip!

Took the 11 Pax that made the intentional choice to post at Dromedary today on a field trip to Rosecliff. Warned everyone the night before in GroupMe but they still showed up and groaned when I confirmed we would be doing a little bit of running. It wasn’t “that bad” as we just reached 3 miles. According to my Strava that’s 26:30 total running time and 18:30¬†of exercise. None of the exercises we did were particularly difficult but we did get in some reps.


Mosey through the parking lot from COT and see Das Boot rolling in a minute or so late. We circle back about halfway through the lot and do 15 X SSH to let Das Boot catch up. Continue our mosey around the front of campus and stop at the globe for some IW X 15, Stretching and then end it with Moroccan Nightclubs. Take a moment to explain what we’ll be doing so as not to upset the residents of Rosecliff and we mosey to the culdesac for…


Paula Abdul using the street lights. We did 15 X Merkin on the 2 up and did 15 X squats on the 1 back.

Arrived at the last light and started doing 15 X BBSU at each street light on the way back and then audibled to 10 after I checked my watch for time thinking we wouldn’t make it back.

Took the long mosey back to COT stopping at the street lights in front of campus for 1 X Burpee and made back to COT for 3 minutes of Mary.

Shake called 50 Heels to Heaven (Lesson Learned), Posse called out LBC’s for a reasonable amount (25). Shop Dog with 10 X Superman’s and then time was called.



Das Boot demonstrated the Pecker Pounder, J. Lo and the A-Rod for us so we would all know what it was. The A-rod is a combination of J. Lo and Pecker Pounder for those who weren’t there or didn’t know already. If you still don’t know then ask Das Boot to demonstrate and he will happily oblige, I’m sure.

Q School on Saturday, March 6th. You need to go.

Rooster – Saturday, March 13th. Sign up in the GroupMe calendar Teams of 5 for a rotating marathon relay. Each participant runs 6 miles total but only run 1 mile at a time until the last mile which is together as a group.

YHC took us out with prayer.



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