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Sharing The Load

Asked to substi-Q yesterday as the planned Q needed some R&R, rather than trying to shoulder the burden on my own (not that it is much of a burden) I went the other way and asked for help. Enlisting my 2.0s and neighbor Dwight I asked each to cover just 5 or 10 minutes. Reluctantly, some more than others, they accepted the task. All had attended Q school, but now we’ll see if they were paying attention. I won’t call this their VQ (no such thing as a triple VQ right!), but it did give them a little taste, I hope preparing them for the full entree. #swidt


Warm Up

SSH x20, then jumped right into the theme of the evening, sharing the load. Inspired by the Wolf lead beatdown on a recent rainy Saturday (feels like 27 degrees), I explain that I’d start off counting 1-2-3, Pax “1”, 1-2-3, Pax “2”, then move to the next person (Fusebox) who’ll count 1-2-3, Pax “3”, 1-2-3, Pax “4”, and we continue to the next person, up to “10”. We did SSH, LSS, IW, Merkin & MC. Despite so many young kids and FNGs, it went impressively well (at least compared to the seasoned PAX on that Saturday morning).

The Thang

I turn over the lead to Johnny5 who takes us to the rock pile. Adults grab a partner and a rock, kids grab a partner. One partner does burpees (adults use their rock) while the other partner runs down the road to the first cone, then back. This continues until each pair does 50 burpees. Rock’s team won for the kids (not that surprising, he’s growing into his name). Overall it was pretty awful and we’re better for it, thank you Johnny5.

Dwight, lead us to the basketball court. Everyone claim a space and we get into position for a Dwight lead ab attack. Dwight’s been a regular at the Appetizer & DaVinci for a few months now, and apparently he wants a washboard by summer. He impressively lead a lot more reps than many of us wanted to do. I think it was BigBoys, H2H, LBC, Merkin, Freddie Mercury.

Next up YHC.  Everyone into a groups of 3, and do a circuit of P1: run a lap, P2: squat to pull-up, P3: grab sides of swing, and lean back and use arms to pull yourself up in rowing motion. Two rounds of that, and it got pretty messy with the various teams. Well at least the younger kids had fun in the playground.

Finally T1000 took over and we continued in groups of three, P1: run lap, P2: bear crawl, P3: ab exercise OYO. This is when it really got messy with PAX bear crawling in all directions, and a hodgepodge of ab work being done. Those who were hungry for more pushed themselves and most of the kids were just having fun.

We were running low on time so I called everyone in for 30 seconds of side planking. We finished the 30, which was probably 40 thanks to Twinkle Toes really slow counting (at least it felt that way), and oh the mumblechatter when I said now to the other side. Who wants to do side planks with just one side?!  Hate me if you wish, I apologize for nothing.

About 5 minutes left we’re off to COT for the final minutes of Mary, Peter Parker and more.  We circle up, and finish the way we started. I called out Tumbleweed to carry the cadence and she shouted it out with ease and continues on to her 1.0 Trickle. We got in some Peter Parkers, Big Boys, Flutters, and a couple others before we wrapped up with about 30 seconds of more planking and finished with Have A Nice Day (modify as needed).


To be honest it was a fairly sloppy Q, as you might expect with so much VQ-ing. And it wasn’t as fun as many earlier workouts (Fusebox set the bar high 2 weeks ago). But I was happy to see how well the kids handled the pressure of calling the cadence when it was their turn. We got in some reps, and knocked out some burpees and bear crawls and pushed ourselves just a little with some 2.0s taking it all in.  As usual it was good to see the regulars keeping at it, and the new faces seeing what the Appetizer has to offer (this was just a sample).  Come back in future weeks and you’ll see we have quite the variety – not to mention some Clyent Dinner style 2nd Fs on the horizon.


– Book collecting (any book, for young or old) for Tumbleweed’s book collection. Can bring to the Appetizer, or anywhere you see Trickle (Tumbleweed’s dad)

– Welcome Home Kits, plan to donate financially or with variety of household basics to build a kit given to the recently homeless settling into a new home. More details to come, but the target is for each AO to fill at least one kit (total value roughly $300)

– Welcome FNGs: Overdraft (brought by Magi), Girltano (2.0), Tangled (2.0), Fancy Nancy (2.0) and Black Beauty (2.0)

– As stated by my eloquent Co-Q High Hat, it’s great to see so many PAX taking their kids out enjoying this time together and taking advantage of the opportunity offered at this AO and also at Clyent Dinner. It lifts our spirts and is a great way to end a day that might not have been so great until coming to an F3 workout with your brothers and their 2.0s.

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