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Anniversary of the First Performing Monkey

It’s true!  Today is the 270th (1751 – NYC) anniversary of the first performing monkey exhibited in America.  We celebrated by doing the following…


Short Mosey to parking lot at the corner of Church & South Main where we did, SSH X 15, IW X 15, Plank – 6″ Plank R/R, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Glidah and Hurry Stretches and recover.


AYG up ABI to get that Strava record.  I don’t think anyone will beat :43 by our own Zinfandel

Explained we would be going into some darker, less travelled places and the PAX didn’t bat an eye.  (Nothing scares these guys…) At each intersection crossing Anne Ave. we come to we will be doing a series of exercises while running in one direction to keep us from crossing paths to much. First three intersections 10X Burpees X 3, Next 3 were 15 MT’s X 3 (I could barely get 15 on that last set), then 20 Squats X 3 and finished up with 25 Dry Docks X 3 at the Cemetary end of Bad Idea.

AYG down BI to try and beat that Strava record.  I don’t think anyone got the record but there may have been some personal records broken.

Around the back of S. Providence school to the BBall court and team up for Suicides and step overs. One partner steps over concrete parking barriers while other partner does suicides on the court. We did 2 rounds.

Moseyed (the long way) around the school and up S. Providence St. headed toward COT and stop at the rock formations for a Monkey Humper Ladder to cap off our celebration of the 270th Anniversary of the first performing monkey exhibited in the US.

Finished our mosey to COT and done!


March 6th is Q School. If you haven’t been yet or if you have and are questioning whether you should go then you definitely should go…

March 13th is The Rooster. Sign up on GroupMe

Flanders, Loafer and Bypass will be running a half-Marathon (13.1 miles) in Greenville this weekend. If you see them or if you can, reach out to wish them luck. Get after it, boys!

YHC took us out in prayer



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