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Express Choo Choo Chug

9 Pax showed up for some speed work!

Warmup time:

Moasie for about a mile, stretch

The Thang:

5 Laps of the following

100m 10K pace

100m 5K pace

100m 10K pace

100m 5K pace

Run 5k-10K pace to every light (CMS parking lot near football field) then jog back run past to the next light and mosaie back, approx 13 lights up hill


Great job everyone pushing themselves once again,

Shoutout once again to Popeye for coming out to Express once again! Your killing it keep up the great work.

Hurry needs to learn life is not just a hurry, P.S here is the definition of a mosaie “run at a steady gentle pace, especially on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise.” please study it!

Welcome Polly to Express !

Great job to all the other Pax


Rooster coming up on March 13

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