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Rock Hard (& soft) Abs

14 PAX (12 plus 2 Mashers) convened at The Body Shop for warm, mid 40 degree tune up.  Based on the attire and upbeat aura at 5:30 am, you can sense that spring and warmer weather is fast approaching.


Mosey around parking lot.  Moroccan Night Clubs, SSH, IW, Plank, Merkins & Mountain Climbers.  Stretching – up/down dogs and calves.

The Thang

To the rock pile.  Partner-up, grab a rock and convene at entrance road near rock pile.  Partner #1 runs to 2nd light pole and does ab exercises while partner #2 does rock exercises.  Switch-off when partner #1 returns.  Sets/reps consisted of:

Shoulder press x AMRAP.  10 LBC’s.

Curls x AMRAP.  10 Heels to Heaven.

Triceps x AMRAP.  10 American Hammers.

Rows x AMRAP.  10 Big Boys.

Audible and rifle carry rock to parking lot for “repeato” of above.  Road becomes too dangerous with early-arrival Rea View staff barreling around the corner for work.

Finished rock and abs.  Line up at back line of parking lot for “11’s” – Run width of parking lot.  Alternate between dry docks and plank jacks at each end.

Superset of 80 rock reps (20 each of above rock exercise) and 40 ab reps (10 each of above ab exercise).  Rifle carry rock back to rock pile.

Mosey around bus lot to COT.


Knee still less than 100% after falling at CSAUP trail run but felt good enough to jump back into the Q saddle.  May wake up tomorrow with a different opinion but what the hell.

Welcome Tim Gray, FNG, AKA “Orchid”.  As a Boston native and Patriots fan, we originally went with “Buc” (see SB LV for details).  Orchid was a post Q suggestion by fellow PAX and has a much better ring and feel to it (Google “Robert Kraft 2019 arrest” for specifics).  Tim is married with 3 kids, lives in Firethorne and enjoys all sports, specifically tennis and golf.  He was recruited by his fellow Firethornians, specifically Smuggler.  Welcome Tim and keep the Firethorne FNG train rolling!

Announcements / Closing

Last Call 6:00 am tomorrow MRHS

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