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What’s a FormGasm?

4 5 6 PAX headed to Cerberus for a field trip.  YHC did some scouting yesterday of Waverly area and wanted to do some exploring of Rea Farms.


  • DiCCS
    • Disclaimer:  All these guy know the drill
    • CPR:  We are going to be working out next to the Emergency Room so we are covered there
    • Cell Phone:  No one had one so YHC went back and grabbed mine (to the applause of Zinfandel and to the rolling eyes of Alf)
    • Safety:  We are crossing Providence so headlamps are recommended but YHC was only one who blinded cars at the stop light
  • Mosey to side of Harris Teeter
    • Warmup exercises


  • Stairs
    • Up/Down x 3
    • 5 Burpees at Top
    • Repeato x 3
  • Grass Field
    • Broad Jump Burpees across
    • A leisurely stroll while picking flowers and listening to grown men grunt Army Crawl across
    • Mike Webb
      • 1 Mike Tyson & 4 Shoulder Presses
      • Repeat til you complain about your feet slipping 10 & 40
  • Half Wall
    • P1 Derkins
    • P2 Bear Crawl
    • Repeat
  • Stairs Part Deux
    • Up/Down x 3
    • 10 Bomb Jacks at Top
    • Repeato x 5 (lowering Jacks by 2 each time)
    • Plank work with Elbow touches and 6″ holds
  • 3/4 Wall
    • 10 up and overs OYO
  • Viva Parking Lot
    • Lawson Webb on Curb
    • Derkins x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
    • Dips x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10
    • Have a Nice Day for 30 seconds


  • It’s always great to get 50% more PAX than you started the workout
  • Fredo joined in as we were departing COT; great seeing him make the long horse back ride from Waxhaw to his old stomping grounds . . . That bumpy dirt road must have knocked the counting out of your brain as I saw you make a couple extra trips on those stairs
  • O’Tannenbaum wasn’t going to miss the stairs workout until he almost missed the stairs workout by arriving 60 seconds late . . . Great push today
  • Snowflake, ever the gentleman, stayed back for O’T . . . Or was it because he needed somebody to hold his hand crossing the street?
  • Alf crushed the burpees but was a hard #RefuseNeck on the Army Crawl . . . Or was it due to him wanting to “check everybody’s form” . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that
  • Zinfandel openly admits to coming out of the form police closet and had his ticket pad in hand when Alf  apparently pimp walked lunged across the field during Army Crawls . . . He changed from writing a ticket to a full #FormGasm as he was yelling in between deep breaths during the Army Crawl


  • Prayers for Bout Time and his 5 year old son, Jennings, who is having a bone marrow transplant
  • Q School:  Saturday March 6th
    • 0630-0800 at Cuthberston Middle
    • You will get a workout and some tips on how to Q and/or Q better
    • If you have never been to Q School, you need to go . . . Or face being kicked out of F3 
    • Click Here to signup:
  • The Rooster:  Saturday March 13th
    • 0600 in Rock Hill
    • 5 man team relay
    • Each guy runs 1 mile at a time
    • Teams will be made up to even out the speeds so we can compete against other Waxhaw Teams
    • Great 1st F and better 2nd F to get to know your F3 brothers
    • Hit up Rubbermaid or Bottlecap to get more info and/or commit

YHC took us out with reminder about living out today in a grateful way . . . Tomorrow is not promised so act like it . . . Let’s Act!

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