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Putting the past behind us

Location: Bent Creek, Indian Land, SC

Our Sunday morning Neighborhood Watch walk had 10 + 2 fur friends show up for our first warm walk of the season.

This week while venturing out on a 2.56 mile walk lead by Periscope, we learned where he was born and raised as well as where he has lived throughout his life.

It was Elmer’s second day out ever at F3. Mad Dog got him to agree to come out to F3 before he even knew what F3 was. Elmer’s was named due to his occupation. Keep showing up! Showing up is half the battle!

Chicken Little got to learn about Dynomite  and his life of being an entrepreneur.

Got to learn that Chicken likes to visit different F3 locations in his travels. Posse is putting Chastain up to getting out a new FNG that Posse knows during Chastain’s upcoming travel.

Posse is traveling out to the west coast this summer and we discussed doing a tour of the Goonies movie filming locations. Come to find out, Posse has never seen the movie or any of the Rocky movies! Who has never seen these movies?

We learned that Zinfandel has been taking advantage of the down time during the Covid pandemic by taking road trips around the United States with his family.

We discussed how NJ is the lone remaining state where you are not able to pump your own gas.

Why are we putting the past behind us you might ask? The sole purpose of Neighborhood Watch happened once again. Get to know your fellow Pax. For those that dont know, I (Turnbuckle) have found being a part of F3 over the past 18 months, there are going to be personality clashes. One person I have always found myself being difficult to get along with is the one and only Zinfandel. Whether the cause being my childish and immature antics of being on GroupMe or for one reason or another…I dont know the real reason to be honest. I have always respected Zin for the leadership that he brings to F3 Waxhaw, but felt we have seemed to butt heads and I was always intimidated to be around him. Well at NW this week, he initiated conversation with me and it actually went really well. I felt like he was the cool kid in school actually talking to the fat nerdy kid. Like…you want to talk to me? Glad we finally got to break that awkwardness I have always felt there was between us. Thanks for the chat Zin!


Next week 3/7 Neighborhood Watch will be at Bel Air at Carolina Lakes in Indian Land. Hope now that we are seeing warmer temps, we will see more of you out there. It really is a great time out there every Sunday morning. Do you have a neighborhood you want us to visit…let us know…we will make it happen.

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