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Sunday Morning Retreat

This week we met up at the Retreat at Rayfield in Indian Land. Its quite a busy neighborhood/development. None of us really knew anything about this development and were shocked that it was a pretty big development.

Some conversations we had were that Chicken Little never wore blue jeans until he graduated high school. He strictly wore corduroy pants. Chicken also never ate peanut butter up until a few years ago where he ate peanut butter crackers and discovered that peanut butter was actually pretty good.

Due to his diet, TB hasnt enjoyed some of his favorite foods in over a year such as pizza or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He hasnt consumed soda in over 10 years. Speaking of soda, a former teammate/classmate of both TB and Rudy has opened up his own beverage company. Its being sold on Amazon…check it out. There are 4 different flavors.

Turnbuckle also recommends you visit and support the new deli in downtown Waxhaw…The Blue Door Deli. It is owned by one of his neighbors. He has taken his family there for breakfast on a few occasions since they opened.

Posse’s son Dallas is named after Posse’s father. Posse is not a Dallas Cowboys fan yet wears a Dallas Cowboys hat to Neighborhood Watch. It was assumed that Posse was a Cowboys fan and named his son Dallas because of it.

Did you know that Posse’s favorite cookie is Oreo’s. Every Sunday he finds himself stopping at Walmart to pick up some things and sometimes finds himself with a package of Oreo’s in his basket. This conversation led to myself (TB) asking him if he has yet to try the new limited edition Lady Gaga Oreo’s. HA…only you TB know about this stuff!

Posse has a points system for not snacking and his whole family is involved. If he hits his goal, his entire family wins! Wife gets a date night, son gets a golf outing, etc.

Sledge discussed that he was having a great second week at his new job.

Sunday Neighborhood Watch on 2/28/2021 will be at Bent Creek in Indian Land (as long as Periscope doesnt ask us to reschedule again). It truly is a great experience.

Did you know??

We have 3 walking/rucking groups per week now. We have Thursday mornings at 5:15am at Pursuit at Millbridge Clubhouse, Saturday mornings at 6am at Nesbit Park (bring 2 pairs of shoes…walking sneakers if we are just doing the roads or trail shoes if we are doing the trails) and we also have Sunday morning Neighborhood Watch at different communities around the area (check¬†for the location each week). Hope to see all of you out there

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