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MT’s til someone pukes

Warm up

Mosey to the bus lot

Circle up for :

20 SSH

20 Imperial walkers

1 minute plank

Runners stretch with a reach for the sky

Heel stretch


Mike Tyson’s starting at the first bus parking spot, #13. Then run to the curb at the back of the lot and find the next parking space numbered 12 where we did, you guessed it 12 Mike Tyson’s. Rinse and repeat all the way to parking spot #1.


On to the main drag in front of the school where we did speed skaters at each light adding 2 at each light, starting at the school rock and ending at the light with the fire hydrant. When then flip flopped and ran the main drag back stopping at each light for big boys, ( started with 4 and added 4 each light).

We then partnered up to complete 100 tokens, 100 Bobby Hurley’s, and 100 LBC with the partner running around the lot as a timer. Last we finished with an Indian run to the flag pole and back where we had just enough time for 10 SSHs.


Mole skin

Fun fact 91 Mike Tyson’s is guaranteed to have someone, no names shall be given, in the crew have the ole upchuck onto Newtown Elementary’s glorious hedges. Fun fact 2 even if the ground is marked with the number of reps we are doing Schneider still somehow get confused on how many to do. Fun fact 3 big boys are to be performed with your legs straight out on the ground, thanks for the tip Mad Dog, even if it was at the end of the last set of 6, better late than never. Fun fact 4 Diccs that are given should include, asking if anyone has a phone and if anyone is CPR certified, kind of a big deal, my bad. All in all it was fun to be at a site that I don’t frequent. Thanks for the invite Shneider.



CPR class coming up at the end of the month

Rooster coming up soon

Q School this Saturday sign up if you haven’t

Prayer request

Continue to pray for Surge’s niece Lauren



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