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How Low Can You Go?

And for my 65th Q, I would continue to ask my kids to do more stuff. So far they are unsure how they feel about CC and IC, maybe time for Kids Q School? Nah. Prepping them for this was some of the fun around the house the last 24 hours.

Funny enough I was supposed to lead next Tuesday but someone tweaked something so I jumped at the chance to go early. Honestly because I would be gone by next week so the heavens made this happen. Yahoo!

Child friendly 6ft DiCCS:

• 6ft – reminder to keep yo distance!

• Di – the usual F3 disclaimer

• C – Cellphone on a pax in case of an emergency

• C – CPR, who knows it?

• S – Safety, are we crossing any roads? Anything to be aware of?

Well it’s 530pm and we were off… I noticed way more cars than usual already. We would audible immediately. It’s gets wilder from there…


Mosey around the lot and circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 15 x Imperial Walker

4. 15 x LS Squats IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

8. 10 x CC Merkins

Mosey to the playground. Dad’s are going to partner and kids will partner up. Kids will do an obstacle course:

1. Zig Zag through the swings

2. Climb up and over the wall or 10 laps around the wall

3. Monkey bars or 10 burpees

4. Up the steps and down the slide

Dad’s will complete below exercises while alternating between completing 3 laps:

1. 25 x Merkins

2. 25 x big bois

3. 25 x squats

Kids finished early and I told them they could just play on the swings. All i heard was “really!??!!” and “awesome!!”. Just a good reminder how bad the kids need these small moments.

Mosey to rocks. Grab a lifting rock for a few CC rounds and a run inbetween.

20 x Curls

20 x Dead Lifts

20 x Tricep Extensions

Audible #2. So many cars.

Sit-up Webb

• 1-10 Situps

• 4-40 American Knockouts

• 2 x Merkins between rounds

Did the above in reverse starting at rounds 10 and 40. Took a break at round 7 in fear kids would be losing it over boredom.

Kids would line up for some Limbo time! I snagged the local Hooters girl, Wrigley, to hold the other end of my stick. The dads ran a boring lap around the school while the kids rocked it. They did great and we declared Girl-tano and Unicorn the duel winners. Well done ladies.

Back to the lot. Line up long ways for a smattering of dumb things to do. Then we jumped back on round 7 and back down to Rd 1 of the Webb. Brutal fun!

Back to COT. My son called LBCs. I called Parker Peters and closed with 4 Spider-Man Merkins. And that’s a wrap


Beautiful night with a gang of great people. Solo dads, dads with kids and just an all around great family feel in the group. Big group tonight and a lot of cars. I’m not good at thinking on my feet unless it’s a cutting jab of sarcasm.

The 2 reasons I’ve asked my boys to participate more is to: #1 show the importance of “doing their part” and #2 while they are small/young, they still have voices and the people their want to see them succeed.

It’s easy to not see all that goes to make all these sites “happen” week in and week out but it’s really a beautiful thing. Just a bunch of great people ensuring others success each morning while also encouraging others to participate in the noise. Jump in with both feet fellas! Ask where you can help…

Welcome Unicorn, Mulligan and the edited name, now TBD. Said just Iike that…


• Q School this weekend!

• The Rooster still looking for volunteers!!

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