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So we are only doing 6 Exercises???!! Yes.

And for my 66th Q, I would go back to wear it all started. My first Q in 2018 and my 2nd in 2019 were there. While you never forget your first, my lower back always forgets how bad I am at rushing with gear focused “stuff”.

IPC wrecks me two years in a row and I’m just gun shy due to that pain. After Cowbell started, I tried it out and loved the constant fluid motion of knocking out exercises IC. My back didn’t hurt at all and the running in-between exercises I enjoyed. Short fast distance is my favorite. Long distance at any speed and I hate it.

Rudy pinged me a few weeks ago with some of the most aggressive Q request I have ever seen. He thanked me for signing up before I even agreed. Wouldn’t you know it worked! #voluntold

No rain, damp ground and cinderblocks on site. DiCCS given and we were ready to rock.


Mosey with your cinderblock and pick yourself out a nice parking spot that you would call home for the entire workout. Mosey behind Mt. Chiseled and circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 15 x Imperial Walker

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

6. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey back around Mt. Chiseled to parking…

Century Club workout! (Stolen completely from Dasher)

• 100 x KB Swing

• 100 x Deadlift to upright row

• 100 x OverHead press

• 100 x Flutters holding KB above head

• 100 X Lawn Mowers, 50 each side.

• 100 x Plank & Pull Through

• Run the parking lot down and back twice per 100. You pick when to run.

• Ran around the bull ring as a group between each 100 exercises

And that’s it.


That’s all we did while remaining nearly silent. Some mumble chatter in the beginning about needing a speaker but that died off. I think at some point in Rd 2 Fusebox said, “how is this any different than Chiseled?” This was in reference to me saying before I started that I would be “bringing Cowbell to Chiseled”.

Honestly a lot of the sites are very similar but focus on small changes to the style, pace or time. I don’t think CowBell is that different but the amount of running and pace compared Cowbell can get aggressive. Anymore aggressive that anyone of couldn’t post at either or? Absolutely not. Cowbell was added because it was needed. Like any new site we do, they all have been very successful.

Normally I rock a 26lb KB (see concerns about back pain) which has varying degrees of difficulty depending on the exercise called. I’m not dumb enough to use a 40lb KB like the very dumb Ice9. That dry heaving goofball.

Enter the cinderblock which comes in at 32-35lbs depending on dimensions. Bigger and rougher but perfect for the beatdown Dasher brought us a few weeks ago. Chicken Little and I were brothers in arms that morning getting through more rounds than we did this morning. It was brutal and things were sore I didn’t even know existed. It wasn’t great!

It was a beautiful morning with a lot of grunting and complaining. You start each round thinking “this is fine”and on rep 37 with 63 reps to go you realize “damn it!!” As the rounds got later I saw a few pax throwing in the towel on the called exercise. I don’t know why but I suspect Low T. The make medicine die that now…


Q School this weekend!

The Rooster next weekend!!

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