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Posted in behalf of Smuggler


Arrived to Body Shop nice & early with Orchid. Got out of the car to do a quick warm up when I felt the cup of coffee I had start to rumble the six-pack.

Quickly grabbed my Q notes and bolted for the woods. Took care of business in a flash and found a trash can for the notes.

Moseyed back to the car and thankfully the wife loaded me up with hand sanitizer. Feeling 10 pounds lighter. I was ready to take on the Q and lead the PAX.


Double lap Mosey through the parking lot waiting on Big Ben and poss FNG coming in HOT.

20 Side Straddle Hops

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Squat

20 Merkins

Downward Dog

Calf Stretch Right/Left

Runners Stretch Right/Left

20 Plank Jacks

10 Burpees

Thang: Mosey over the main road.

Ran out to Rea Rd (1/2 mile each way) stopping at each light pole on the right to perform the below.

1 Burpees – 2 Jump Squat – building reps at each light pole ( 2 Burpees – 4 Jump Squat , 3-6 etc. up to 8 Burpees and 16 Jump Squat )

McGee crushed it as we all tried to keep up. Some ran back to grab the 6th and Mosey over to the back parking lot.

Next the PAX lined up along the curb for some solid leg work ladder.

Big Ben lead us off with 10 reps of squats followed by lunge walk to the other side of the parking lot and run back.

Did this format adding 1 rep each man up to 20 reps. Shortly into it the PAX wanted to pick their own exercise after the squats including;

-Duck Walk, Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Crab Walk, Backwards Lunge-

This took much longer than anticipated but fun group exercise with lots of chatter amongst the PAX.

Fast Mosey around the parking lot with 20 big boys at the corner. This is where I shared my story of the Q notes and plumbing issues.

With the remaining time we Mosey to the Rock Pile and picked a lifting rock and a partner to complete the following.

1 partner did squats with the rock and the other ran to the 2nd light pole and did 10 heals to heaven —than the partners switched

1 partner did thrusters (squat to overhead) with the rock and the other ran to the 2nd light pole and did 10 dollys -than the partners switched

Mosey back to COT.

Moleskin: PAX seemed to all push it pretty hard and most were gassed by the end.


-Q School this Saturday

-Last Call tomorrow at Marvin Ridge High School with a 6 am start.


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