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The Chicken prepping PAX for Rooster

DICC- given and covered

Warm up

Fast paced mosey down past laundry mat and apartments to Vet Lot

20- SSH

Jimmy Dungan Stretch into a plank for calve stretch

Can Opener both sides- return to Plank- recover

The Thang

Mosey Across Hwy 16 to Blyth Mill and up to stop sign of Blyth and North Providence for Oval of Speed

3 laps around oval track at 5 k pace and at each turn complete  ( Blythe up North Providence, turn left on Mill and left back on Blyth.

3 burpees and 5 jump Squats- circle back for the 6

Gather Flock and head back across Hwy 16 for more work in Vet Lot ( ABORT ABORT ABORT) A few FIA members who somehow were allowed to workout with F3 today started complaining about rough pavement and they might break a nail  — we moved to apartment lot

10 Mike Tysons, 10 Big Boys and 20 Pistol LBC- alternating leg at 10– 3 rounds

Sprint up Hill to laundry mat lot- dry heave cause I was trying to stick with Baio– not smart, damn he is fast. regroup and gather Flock and head down Price to 2nd road on left to church lot for lot to lot work.

Lot 1- 20 Bonnie Blairs

Lot 2- around corner on Jackson street – 5 merkins/10 shoulder taps, 4 merkins/ 8 shoulder tap ect….. to 1/2

between both lots complete 20 Bomb Jacks

head back to COT completing 20 Bomb Jacks- DONE!!


We had s great group today ( 19 total) and an awesome mixture of Gazelles, Clydesdales , 3 Wildebeest, 1 pink Bunny, 2 form police, and a few FIA PAX.  Overall everyone push hard and most seemed to hate the workout which is always a success for the Q. It appears we had mileage range from 3.15-3.5 miles which is a good target for a regular boot camp and safety seemed to be fairly in order and if Maddog posted with us he would have been someone happy

Few Call Outs

Twinkle Toes– you have officially graduated to the Gazelle group- Nice work brother!

Recalculating– You better step it up Chief of Form Policing before Deputy Zinfandel pushes you into retirement and takes you role. He was calling out many pees today ( myself included on Jump Squats)- bastard! but I love it makes us better.

Easy Button, Baio, Ice 9, Chastain, and Deadwood– ugh what the F?  slowdown and smell the roses once in awhile boys- geez!!

LRC– always great to see the LRC back out as a group as it appears they must have finally figure out baby duty schedules at Smithers House and all is well in the group again ( Smithers , Foundation and Deflated).

Do not look now but Rockwell is looking at the Gazelle’s and thinking hummmm I can be one — He is getting faster and faster boys

Sugar Daddy and Premature– I appreciate our accountability group boys– WILDERBEEST- SADDLE UP FOR THE RIDE minus to Smart Sackers for rest days!



Q- school this weekend 6:30-8am- Cuthbertson

Rooster next weekend- if you have to ask what this is your a DUMBASS– This is slowing becoming Blood Drive communication territory .

Baio- was our 6th man- got his name cause he runs a company and his hospital name is Charles ( Charles in Charge! Scott Baio) awesome name. He has 5 kids and comes to us all the way from Matthews a she posted over there some but found us via the BAT SIGNAL in the sky ( AKA- on line) and has been a regular since. Bratwurst brought him out initially a few years back.

Lucy ( aka Ricky her F3 name) the chickens dog had surgery yesterday and everything seemed to go well.


Peace out boys.



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